Make Conference Call on Mobile using Different Methods

We have seen conference call and online meetings have become a trend and part of our daily lives in these modern times, and another part of the modern world is the use of mobiles which has become a heavy part of everyday life and in this article we are going to help you understand how to make conference call on mobile devices.

The reason to use mobile devices is simple because we might not be able to carry our laptops or desktops all the time and it is necessary for you to learn how to make conference calls on mobile for times in dire needs where you might need to make important conference calls and meetings.

Conference Call
Conference Call

At the same time, using mobile gives you the flexibility of working on your workstation with your files and documents, while your headphones are connected to the conference calling app.

How to Make Conference Call

Method 1 – Use Phone Call Conference Option

  1. Every mobile phone comes with the option to have a joint call with more than two or more people, In this case,
  2. Dial someone, simply have to call another person as well
  3. Click on Merge Calls option after connecting
  4. In this way you will be able to speak to more than 2 people by making this conference call.
  5. In the same way if you want to add more people, then you simply have to put that conference call on hold and call someone who you want to add in and then again click on the Merge Calls option.

Repeat the step: Call someone you want to add in, then click on Merge Calls option and this will add more people to your conference call. In this way you can keep on adding people to an extent of 10 – 15 numbers on the same calls, which is pretty easy to do.

Method 2 – Use Zoom Conference Call on Mobile

In our recent article we have shown the process to configure and setup a call on zoom, so simply follow the same guide on your mobile browser and you can easily set up the call in a notch.

Zoom cloud meeting app is also available for all mobile platforms, so you can use it for much faster communication and creation of conference calls.

Method 3 – Use Google Hangouts on Mobile

Google Hangouts and Google Calendar apps are available for Android, IOS and most of all the available Mobile OS platforms, We have recently described in one of our articles the way you can set up a Google Hangouts call.

So, you just have to install the apps on your mobile and follow the same guide we have shown to make a call on Google Hangouts.

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How many people can I add in a normal conference call?

Well, to be precise 10 – 15 is the max number and that would eventually be the most someone would want to have a conference call.

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Can I hang up during the middle of the conference call on the phone?

Yes you can hang up once the call has been connected with other participants on the call.

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