My BSNL App to get Fancy Number, Recharge, Bill Pay & 12 More


Download and Install My BSNL App new version without apk, Reserve fancy number, Do Quick recharge, Pay bill, Check data usage, Activate International WiFi, Find earned rewards, Get prepaid information of your mobile numbers…


Get one stop solution for all your BSNL services (Mobile / Broadband / Landline) by installing My BSNL App in your Android / Windows / iPhone devices to make instant telecom services on your fingers from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, which is one of the leading telecom services in India, widely spread all across different regions with millions of users using their service.

In this world of Smartphone hustle, BSNL has released their application for modern users to cater their services and use them right from their mobile phone, We all know how big BSNL really is and it is great knowing that such a huge brand service can be used directly on your mobile phone.

We are talking about My BSNL app which was released sometime back for Android and IOS users, but now the application is made available to different OS devices that includes Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry as well, and In this guide we will be going over the different reasons why I would suggest you to use the My BSNL app on daily basis and how it can help you as well.


My BSNL APP Features

There are many reasons why My BSNL App is growing so much, and the main reason would be people love using because it helps them in their daily necessities of landline / broadband bill payment, At the same time there are quite a lot of features in this app that you would like to read and know more about, because those can be helpful while using this app in future.

Recharge : Like any other telecom service even BSNL has prepaid number services which are used by millions of Indian on daily basis, So, in order to help all those users, the app is used to recharge instantly for different type of BSNL recharges to any mobile number through multiple payment gateways like Debit card, Credit card and Net Banking etc..

Bill Pay : BSNL has Postpaid services like Landline, Broadband, Fiber to Home etc, and all those millions of customers are unable to approach CSC, but now all of them can make their BSNL bill payment in online through their own mobile using debit / credit cards or internet banking – Check now about how to pay multiple bills using My BSNL Application

Fancy Numbers: Do you want to get a number then hover over this section to find a set of fancy numbers that BSNL provides which would amuse your friends and family, where one of the key factors of using this fancy number booking option would be the user interface which is precisely easy to use and even a newbie – Book Fancy Number in My BSNL App

MY BSNL Rewards Program: One of the most important features is the “Rewards Program” which allows any registered BSNL users to earn points and rewards when they participate in different promotions and special offers from the app.

Reward Points to Cash: The reward points that you earn can be converted to cash anytime in the app and can be used to pay for bills, recharges and payments of any kind.

History: It has precise details of your previous activities like bill payments, recharges – Get all the receipts online

Special Offers: This section has quite different new and special offers regarding recharge, bill payment which includes cashbacks and discounts.

4G Hotspots: BSNL is spread all across India and this section allows you to find nearest 4G Hotspot in area near you so that you can seamlessly connect to Internet and browse right away – Find now the 4G hotspot guide

International WiFi: If you are planning to travel abroad then you can check this option to convert your number for International use without roaming charges – International WiFi Plans

Pre-Paid In: Prepaid as the name suggest allows you to pay for your recharge on mobile, landline right away. Each Prepaid In shows you different transactions details and summary for your supervision. In this feature you can add your Friends and family details to recharge their mobile and check their balance anytime.

FAQ: Access this section of the app when you want to find answers to generally asked questions and most of the times you will find absolute answers to the question you are looking for in this section.

Check Balance: You can check your balance for friends, family and even your own numbers from the app with just few clicks – Check now

How to Download My BSNL App for Android, IOS, Windows & Blackberry

In the sense how BSNL has ambiguous features, the app download process is quite the same as any app and you will learn to install this app in no time.

  • Android Store – Link
  • IOS Store / Windows Store / BlackBerry Store – Find the link or Download directly via App / Play store by searching
  1. Open any of the above App stores either, Android, IOS, Windows or Blackberry, that you will be using Android here, so go to “Android App Store” and then search for “My BSNL App
  2. Select the first official app and click on install button which will first download
  3. In no time the app will begin to install and you will have successfully installed the application on your mobile

How to Join MY BSNL Rewards Program

We already discussed about the rewards program that every BSNL users can take part in and here we will show you how you can join this program right away, So, you will be allowed to register for this program right when you install “My BSNL App”.

  • Once you have installed the app, you will need to register your new account with your BSNL mobile number
  • After registration is completed, login with your details and you will be asked to fill “State, City, Name and Address” details via Profile page of the app
  • Once those details are filled you will be added to the rewards program!

Free 1 GB Data to New My BSNL App Users & Data Carry Forward

BSNL with collaboration along with Call2action has started a new offer where new users who download the application from Google app store will be given 1GB of free data.

Prevail 1GB Free Data: In order to prevail this exciting offer, new users on the app simply have to complete the normal registration process for the app via their BSNL mobile number.

Conclusion: India’s leading telecom service is making sure that each of its customers can benefit their features by making My BSNL app the best when it comes to services and features, and strongly suggest you to start using this application for faster online bill payments and recharge transactions through credit / debit / netbanking payment gateways and balance summary checking which can be done right from your mobile phone.

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