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The privacy to customer data and their encryption is mostly checked under the norms and 99-Networks manages an extreme process to track the users who have visited there and checked their content along with giving any comments, and this helps us to track the customer’s usage and to Go beyond to protect the content of its active users.

We have a different Privacy Policy for its services and these are the important Policies concerns that are considered for using the website. Customers can anytime check this Privacy Policy listed on the website so that they can be assured how their data is being used by the website. In the same manner, our website does give a clear picture what it can do with the content that is provided by the customer in our website.

There are different scenarios that need to be considered to check, Here we have some main content, which when used by a customer does their data saved in their server for future use if necessary.


Customers do give their feedback and post comments on this website, and whenever a customer submits a comment, the IP address and its related information do get saved in our server.

The comment submitted by you will be sent to the Gravatar service, which does check the anonymized string that was created using your email ID while commenting on site, once the confirmation of the user is done, your comment will be allowed to be seen by the public.


The Images to be uploaded on site must be avoided if they have any embedded location, as anyone can load your image and track your location content.


A customer is free to accept to save their Name, Email, and Website in cookies, and this is a convenient way, by which customers need not fill their details again to access the website.

These cookies will be used, when customers access the website and a temporary cookie is created, and this will be deleted once the customer has left the site.

The Login cookies of a customer do get saved for 2 days and if a customer selects the Remember Me option, the same will be saved for more than 2 weeks, where we adhere to the GDPR compliance.


We enable advertisements on our website in order to ensure that our website visitors are always enriched with new content and articles that are earned through the ads that we show on our website. We do not have control over the ads that are shown since we are aligned with certain Partners whose publishers ads are targeted based on your preferences and searches.

We may use different third party advertisement platforms such as Google Adsense which may use the Ad codes on our website in order to retarget to show you preferable ads based on your cookies through Google which we do not control.

This website abides by Google AdSense Program Policies, Terms, and Conditions, and be updated to Google Ads Data Processing and Protection Terms.


It is an important part of the Privacy Policy, as it has information about whom the data can be shared and how long user data can be retained. The comment made by the customer will be retained indefinitely making the follow-up comments automatically into the moderation queue.