Beware of ISD Missed Call & Complaint at this Toll Free Number


Do you know how ISD Missed call or Received call sheds BSNL mobile balance and If just happened where you have to complain about this, Just know all the details here about where this ISD Missed call generates and how much amount you are going to lose from your BSNL mobile balance on received call or dialed call and what are the steps to be taken resolve the issue immediately?

Today all the mobile operators are continually sending a warning messages about the ISD Missed call received from unknown numbers, It is all to do not lose the money on your GSM mobile number balance, Someone calls us, and we lose the money means, it is the worst situation that too for an ISD Missed call or when we received the same ISD call.

A few years back, Scamster is waiting for you on the other end when you received a local or ISD call by announcing you about the winner of a lottery, etc, If you chatted with them, they would increase the time, and then you will surely convince about their offers, and even sometimes you can ask them to call back which in result empty of your mobile wallet.

Previously, we all heard Missed Call Fraud (MCF), In this scam, we receive a missed call from unknown International (ISD) numbers. It calls for ‘Wangiri Calls,’ At that time all the mobile customers are advised not to respond to missed calls from unknown numbers prefix other than “+91”. Wangari scam means “One Ring and Cut’, a Missed call scam which originated from Japan a decade ago.

This process can do through International premium rate numbers (IPRN) which are typically known as toll numbers, Callers charged at premium rates, i.e., higher than regular calling rates when they dial such numbers and revenue shared between operator and owner of the premium number.

The attacker has first acquired an International premium rate number from an operator and starts to give missed calls to lacks mobile numbers randomly outside their country at night times only, In some situation a victim calls that number back, at that time, their executive or the automatic answering machine will lift the call and tries to prolong the conversation or saying their offers, It is all to steal the caller’s money as per the international premium rate numbers.

Beware of ISD Missed Call
Beware of ISD Missed Call

How to get back the lost money on International call complaint

  • If we can speak technically, the scammers are offering us a bait via a missed call.
  • Responding to a missed call means you are accepting to spend something. It results allowing your mobile operator to collect the charges from you for payment. In this case, there is no chance to register International call complaint also.
  • These calls can originate from any country like Burundi, Malawi, Nigeria, Tunisia, Russia, Belarus, Pakistan, etc, So make a keen watch for these incoming calls.
  • So, anyone can’t get the Lost money back on International call complaint also.

Can we complain about this ISD Missed call to anybody?

  • If you receive any incoming calls from an unknown or incomplete international number, try to make an International call complaint at toll free number 1800110420 or 1963 and register the complaint with date and time of the call.

How to avoid Missed call scams and get rid of One Ring scammers – Tips to Follow

  • Save all the friends/relatives ISD numbers on your mobile and don’t pick the any ISD received call, which is unknown or don’t dial any missed call from ISD sources displayed on your mobile screen.
  • Be smart on attending an ISD call and ask them to give a call to Whats App if possible.
  • Deactivate ISD If not required the calling facility on your BSNL mobile number by sending an SMS as DEACT ISD to 53733, If you want to activate ISD when needed, send an SMS ACT ISD to 53733, You can avail this Opt In and Opt Out facility at free of cost from BSNL at any time.
  • You must think twice or thrice before a call back to ISD Missed call.
  • Install Truecaller or spam number identification application on your mobile to avoid such type of unknown International (ISD) missed calls.
  • If you are a BSNL postpaid mobile user, try to test the bill undoubtedly about an exorbitant ISD Missed call voice charges to unknown numbers or not.
  • Save the unknown ISD Missed call as spam numbers in your contact list for future spam list.
  • Block the spam numbers in your mobile to entirely ban on Missed call scams.

How much amount will we lose in ISD missed call dialing cases?

  • If your dial to any anonymous ISD calls, your prepaid mobile balance will reduce by Rs.60 as the minimum and up to a maximum of Rs.200 and above also on each occasion, and If you don’t respond to that ISD Missed call means, there is no chance of deduction.
  • Sample case ISD Missed call which receives recently?
    • ISD from code: 960
    • Incoming Number is +9604428014, your mobile will typically get a missed call at un-usual time midnight or early morning.
    • If we dial back the number, then the amount of Rs 60 will charge by the receiving party.

So, beware of any ISD Missed call and don’t try to dial any of that type of numbers, Register International call complaint with date and time of received ISD Missed call at the mentioned toll free numbers, and If you have any info on this Missed call scams, please share with all our readers to help a lot to guide them in advance before they lost their valuable.

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