MNP Status Check Online, Know the Rejected Reason If not Activated

MNP Status: Mobile Number Porting, a process defined for customers to switch between mobile networks, and a free service given by the telecom department of India, so that customers can switch to preferred network as and when require.

The telecom companies are under supervision of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and thus any customer holding an active mobile network of respective company can anytime device to move to another network.

TRAI has come with the objective to handle the movement of customers to other networks as they decide, and this should deal with any dispute between consumers, and Mobile Number porting is a defined process and it has a period under which customers need to reach a new consumer office to provide the details, where telecom Companies like BSNL, Airtel, Jio, Idea, Vodafone and others have an open choice for their customers to switch and to receive.

MNP Status
MNP Status

Benefits of Mobile Number Porting

MNP from BSNL of any other operator opted by any customer if they are not happy with the present service or network, and thus, anyone who is opting for MNP can have few benefits as defined below.

  • New Consumer Applies Additional Benefits RC and talk time options
  • MNP to any mobile network absolutely for free
  • No Change of Number, as same number will get its consumer change
  • New SIM Card in form of Mini, Micro or Major Size
  • Can change Postpaid to Prepaid
  • Mobile number change from CDMA to GSM service
  • Existing Service Provider will do Try to Convince you with Benefits Plans

MNP Status

The process to check status of Mobile number porting is simple and may done using multiple ways, and here we have got your Online Process, Mobile SMS and Contact Customer Service, So, opt any method from below and get your updated MNP status.

Note: Any Customer who has done porting using a new service, will not able to proceed with New porting for a period of 3 months, and the mobile number after porting may locked by the present Service provider for a total of 3 months.

MNP Status Website

As on date, there is no web portal or website launched in online officially by Government of India or by any mobile operator, so if want to know the status, just approach your operator or nearest customer service center or franchisee to check the live status.

MNP Status Customer Care

In this process, you need to make a call to your present service provider to check the MNP status. Once the call connected, customers need to provide the UPC code and Customer Service will update you on the status of the call. So, get your service provider customer service number and make a call for MNP status.

UPC code time

To check the status of mobile number porting, customers must have their UPC code, and any customer who has changed their mobile number using the porting process will not be able to generate the new UPC code within 3 months, So, any customer willing to get UPC code must wait for 3 months from their current service provider and send an SMS as below to 1900 to get the UPC code generated


UPC code will be sent as a reply to mobile SMS and the same needs to be submitted to a new service provider along with KYC documents to start the new activation / migration process, and this will usually take 3-5 working days of time to change the current consumer to request consumer service.

Can I withdraw my Mobile Number Porting Request?

Yes, Customer who has requested the UPC code can withdraw their request before it is submitted to the new Service provided. Once UPC code is submitted and accepted by a New Service Provider, there will be no chance of reverting the Service network for the next 3 months of the period.

What to do if lost my Unique Porting Code?

No need to worry about the UPC code, as customers can again send the PORT SMS to 1900 and thus the existing UPC code will be sent as a reply.

How Long will It Take to Complete the Total Mobile Number Porting process?

The official process will approximately take 4 working days from the day the Customer has provided their UPC code to the New Service Provider and also, KYC documents requested need to be submitted and only then the process to change Service Provider will start.

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