BSNL MNP 2024 will Switch On Unlimited 4G Offers


Switch to BSNL 4G Mobile through MNP process from Airtel / Jio / Vodafone Idea, and activate first recharge plan at lowest price to activate unlimited 4G offers, Check MNP status at toll free customer care if not activated with in time…

Avail Mobile Number Portability in BSNL to join in Government’s mobile network through MNP without changing the number, and to enjoy BSNL Best Offer 2024 available with Unlimited Voice, Data and SMS services.

BSNL MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a facility for Indian’s of any other telecom network to connect BSNL mobile services with best offers, and It is the only facility without changing the current mobile number through a simple process at the residing location to enjoy BSNL mobile services.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) launched in India on 20th January 2011 and implemented by all the telecom network operators, and this BSNL MNP facility gives more and more convenience to GSM and CDMA customers to retain their mobile number across any operator.

At first, MNP allows only in a single licensed service area, After that, MNP extended to all India and named as National MNP, and with this NMNP, any customer of any state in India can easily retain their mobile number into another network.

India’s best telecom brand welcomes the mobile users from another network with BSNL MNP (Mobile Number Portability) by enabling them to retain their existing mobile number to Government owned company BSNL, and it is also without additional charges and does not worry about a change of the mobile number of any state with BSNL MNP Offers.

Let’s have a look at BSNL MNP (mobile number portability) procedure



Process to Port (MNP) Mobile Number to BSNL Network

  1. At first, obtain Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS to 1900 in the format ‘Port Space 10 digit mobile number”. Any customer of any state can follow the same (even BSNL customer also from one state to other).
    • Ex: – PORT XXXXXXXXXX by sending an SMS to 1900. In the case of Jammu Kashmir pre-paid mobile subscriber to get UPC – call 1900 instead of sending SMS.
  2. After sending SMS, immediately your operator will send a UPC to your mobile number with an expiry date. The MNP code allotted to a subscriber shall be valid for fifteen days from the time of the request. After that, it expires automatically.
  3. Immediately after getting the MNP code, Visit the BSNL CSC (Customer Service Center) or authorized franchisee/ retailer along with Valid Proof of Identity and Address for porting of your mobile number.
  4. Submit your MNP code, Validity date and POI /POA to authorised.
  5. Then the staff will submit your MNP data and your profile information in Digital KYC Sanchar Aadhaar Application by taking your live photograph and by entering a new 4G SIM details in the database.
  6. Then a new BSNL MNP 4G SIM card will be issued to you for activation of same mobile number on changing the network.
  7. After that, upon approval of a porting request, the whole porting process will take a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of seven days for activation
  8. Then, you are required to change your SIM card on your handset when the old operator got disconnected.

How to Port from Airtel to BSNL

Switch now from Airtel to BSNL to avail latest BSNL 4G offers, Check the new process for MNP from Airtel

How to Port from Vodafone Idea to BSNL

You can now switch your prepaid or postpaid mobile number from Idea Vodafone network to BSNL network with in new time – Find the new steps for MNP from Vodafone Idea to BSNL Network


Recharge Plan Amount Free Usage * Freebies Validity in Days Plan Validity in days
Per Sec 108 Free calls to any network + 1GB/day + 500 SMS 45 60
153 Plan153 Free calls +1.5GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Free PRBT 28 90
199 Plan 199 Free Calls + 2GB/day + 100 SMS/day 3030
397 Plan 397 Free calls + 1GB/day + 100 SMS/day +Free PRBT + Lodhun Contest 60 300
485 Plan 485 Free Calls + 1.5GB/day + 100 SMS/day + PRBT 90 90
Sixer 666 Free calls + 1.5GB/day + 100 free SMS for 120 days 120180
BSNL 997 997 Free calls+ 3GB/day +100 SMS/day + Lokdhun Content + Sony Liv + Free Caller Tune 180 180
BSNL 1999 1999 Free calls + 2GB/day FUP + 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tune + Lokdhun Contest 365 365
BSNL 2399 2399 Free calls + 3GB/day FUP + 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tune + Lokdhun Contest365 + 90365 + 90

MNP Timeline

Department of Telecommunications has issued a set of guidelines to mobile operators and instructed the operator with a new timeline to be followed on MNP process – Check now about new MNP timeline

MNP Code Allotted to Operator

The following codes are allotted to each operator for easy identification to identify the Porting code of which operator belongs, and MNP code is 7 characters with alphanumeric, where the first letter is as below representing the operator.

Name of the Mobile Operator MNP Code Allocated to Operator
Aircel Ltd Dishnet Wireless Ltd D
Bharti Airtel Ltd & Bharti Hexacom Ltd A
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd B
M/s Quadrant Televentures Limited Q
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd M
Reliance Communications Ltd R
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd J
Reliance Telecom Ltd E
Tata Teleservices Ltd or Tata Teleservices (Mah) Ltd T
Vodafone Idea Ltd. v
V-CON Mobile & Infra Private Ltd. c

How to submit BSNL MNP request online?

At present BSNL mobile number portability is not available in online, so anyone must continue with the Digital KYC Sanchar Aadhaar process by approaching nearest customer service center or Retailer / Franchisee.

How to Track BSNL MNP Status

Your MNP status will be tracked by contacting BSNL Portability Toll Free Customer Care Number or just by approaching nearest customer service center of BSNL or authorised Franchisee store in the same telecom circle.

Why my Jio PORT OUT SMS not sending even having validity and balance?

Even having prepaid validity and availability of free calling/ sms/data facilities, you must require a minimum of Rs.2 or more in your main account balance, because the SMS is chargeable to 1900.

How can I activate BSNL SIM after successful MNP?

After successful activation, just recharge with any prepaid recharge plan available in your circle or with corporate plans to enjoy latest unlimited offers.

How do i find my port code online?

There is no process to find porting code in online due to security, it will be delivered only on the same mobile number if it is live status.

Can we process MNP in BSNL, if my Jio SIM not available?

If already generated MNP code and having can process the Porting by submitting the same UPC even not having SIM.

Can I use this BSNL Port In number in any device?

Yes, BSNL Port In numbers can be used in any Smartphone, Datacard / Dongle or any iPads with necessary subscription for Voice, Data and SMS.

What happened to my BSNL MNP number, if i’m not recharged with in due date and how to reconnect?

After completion of BSNL GP1 and GP2 periods, the MNP number will automatically handed over to parent operator, and if required the same number will approach of that telecom network.

In which cases, MNP Number disconnected?

BSNL MNP number will disconnect due to various reasons, some of the reasons are

  1. Automatically disconnect if number of connections exceeds 9 on a subscriber.
  2. If not recharged with in expiry date (Just check the date of expiry by dialing BSNL Customer Care or with USSD codes and recharge to get reconnection from operator).

How to get back the MNP number if disconnected due to exceed limit?

Confirm the case as above by approaching CSC of BSNL and apply Mobile number portability for same number with old UPC code of last porting on your family members name, then within 3-7 days of request, your BSNL MNP will get into activation with same mobile number on your family member.

Will the BSNL MNP customers treated as normal customers or not?

Yes, the Port IN customers are treated as normal customers to enjoy all BSNL prepaid recharge offers and Postpaid best rates across India with national free roaming.

Can I change BSNL Gujarat Mobile Number to Karnataka circle with MNP?

Yes, follow the same process of Mobile Number Portability as mentioned above and change your circle from Gujarat to Karnataka without changing the number, but with new SIM card.

How many times will i port my mobile number?

There is no limit for mobile number portability, but have to be for at least 90 days in a network.

Why i am not allowed to send SMS to PORT out?

Please check the main balance, PORT message is chargeable and to be deducted from main balance.

How many days before can i send SMS for MNP code during expiry?

Plan before to PORT in to BSNL before one week of expiry in existing network, because the number may succesfully PORTED to required network without any other reasons other than guard time. where if you send porting code during last / before date of expiry, it may leads to rejection due to expiry.

What is the network connected in Delhi / Mumbai for my BSNL network?

In Delhi / Mumbai , BSNL connects with MTNL and other networks too, but only some prepaid plans allows free calling in that places, where all other plans required to maintain sufficient balance to get incoming and to make outgoing calls.

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