Difference between Email and Gmail

Difference between Email and Gmail

Actual difference between email and Gmail explained with examples and advantages under the technology aspect… Email is termed as a method of exchanging digital communication between two individuals or groups of people through the medium of internet. In quick form, Gmail is a Service which offers Email options to users which is provided by Google.

Asus Router Login Setup at – Simplified WiFi Configuration

Asus Router Login

Do find the simple steps involved in configuration for Asus router Dual band WiFi setup for iPV4 and iPV6 networks on login with enhanced gigabit WiFi technology… Having a WiFi Router is a blessing during these days of hard requirements and Internet advancement, Well what better brand would be other than Asus if you want

Email Marketing Services for Automated Content Management

email marketing services

Email marketing services offer services of email campaigns and newsletter with their various features. There are many popular Email Marketing services which bring different options for the business to send emails to multiple users during their usual campaigns. These are equipped with design tools, automation capabilities, email creation and personalized content. Using Email Marketing allows

Checking Synonym with New Definition

checking synonym

Synonym is a word that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. It defined as a word, phrase or a name which very strongly suggests an individual quality or idea. Checking Synonym In Synonym one form may replaced by another in a sentence without actually getting the meaning of the sentence

CD Full Form and Usage of Compact Disc

cd full form

Wondering what CD full form actually is and what it does? You can go through this quick article that will help you understand the name and full form of CD and how it was derived as well. If you a computer geek, who is getting started to know more about the ins and outs of

Change Name of iPhone Instantly whenever Required

change name of iphone

No worry about how to change iPhone name, Here is the simple steps identified to Change name of iPhone. Also check, whether it is visible or not… iPhone known for its perfectness and security which customers prefer when compare to other competitive devices. The iOS based device always brings unique ways of communication and also

Login to Amazon Prime using My Jio App

amazon prime

Hope you are aware of the Amazon prime login features using Jio App, that doesn’t let their users disappoint at any time and thus if you’re a Jio user then you will have an opportunity to get Amazon Prime for free. These are the steps to be followed to avail the Amazon Prime using a

PST File for Security Integrity – How to Create & Open

PST File for Security Integrity

Find What is PST file with File security and integrity. Also check how to create and open Personal storage table files along with what PST file contains… Microsoft has created a proprietary file format to store copies of calendar events, messages and various items from the Microsoft platform such as Windows Messaging, Microsoft outlook which

HP Warranty Check from Website & Support Assistant

hp warranty check

HP product users may utilize HP Warranty Check option through website and with HP support assistant. Find the steps, where you have to check HP warranty instantly… HP is a huge company which brings a lot of electronic devices all around the world from their different sellers. There are multiple devices which sold from HP

Right Click on Chromebook with just One Tap

Right Click on Chromebook

While on continuous work, the right click on Chromebook is also a tricky option which is similar to other functions. This is also to remember that there is an option to plug a USB mouse into Chromebook, which makes it easy to work while working. Chromebook kindly referred to as a Laptop that has few