BSNL Broad Fi 4G Hotspot Connects Your Home Internet Wirelessly


What is BSNL Broad Fi and how this continuous service is useful to a user and how many improvements since the launching of 4G plus WiFi hotspots? At first, only open WiFi of BSNL is available in a hotspot zone, but now 4G plus is available with three options on launching of mobile data offloading (MDO) services.

In the new launch of MDO services, BSNL BroadFi is the One. You know about WiFi, but this 4G plus BroadFi is a service connects you to the internet through WiFi with BSNL landline broadband connection available at your home or office at anywhere in India.

It means, if you are in BSNL 4G plus hotspot zone, you can enjoy unlimited 4G broadband on your smartphone or on wireless device (Laptop, Tablet, etc..) through your home broadband connection. BSNL has put more and more emphasis on its 4G Plus hotspot services to connect every rural and urban customer with ultra speed wireless internet connectivity.

BSNL Broad Fi 4G Hotspot
BSNL Broad Fi 4G Hotspot

BSNL Broad Fi Details

Here we are submitting the total information through frequently asked questions, so have a look at this unlimited 4G broadband internet services of BSNL.

How many users can connect to a WiFi Hotspot using BroadFi?

  • At a time a maximum of 150 users will connect to BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot by using any three types of SSID’s, i.e., BSNL 4G Plus, BSNL WiFi and BSNL BroadFi.

Will BSNL Fiber to the Home broadband users also connects to 4G plus hotspots?

  • Yes, it is also allowed, but the speed in 4G hotspot using BSNL Broad Fi or any SSID is 20Mbps. Some of the FTTH plans allows 20 to 100Mbps speed, but it is not possible at hotspot location using BSNL 4G broadband.

Can we switch on the modem at our home?

  • No, it is not required, there is no link between your home equipment and BSNL 4G plus WiFi zone. Using BSNL broadFi, you can connect to the hotspot with BB user id only to use the same household BSNL WiFi connection at WiFi zone.

What is the difference between Broadband and Broad Fi?

Whether we get high speed when connecting WiFi hotspot even we subscribe low-speed landline broadband plans?

  • If you subscribe to BSNL 249 broadband plan or 999, you will get 10Mbps up to FUP limit.
  • The speed of BSNL 4G broadband plans using BroadFi will reduce as per the FUP limit of subscribed landline BB plan.

Can we download BSNL 4G Plus App to use this Broad Fi service?

  • It is not required to download or activate BSNL 4G plus app, just turn on your wifi and connect Broad Fi SSID with the procedure mentioned below.

BSNL Broad Fi Connecting Process

Here is the step by step process about how to connect BSNL BroadFi connection in 4G plus WiFi hot spot zone using home or business landline broadband connection available at anywhere in India

  1. Have a note of your BSNL broadband connection user id and password.
  2. When enters into BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot zone, just turn on your WiFi in your mobile.
  3. Your mobile screen will display the available 4G plus WiFi SSID’s (3 types of networks).
  4. Select BSNL BroadFi, then a pop up will redirects to second page to complete the Settings in required fields as below.
  5. EAP method as “PEAP.”
  6. Phase 2Authentication as “None.”
  7. CA Certification as “Unspecified”
  8. Enter your existing BSNL broadband user id in Identity field and provide your broadband connection password in specified field to activate Broad Fi.
  9. Confirm IP settings as DHCP mode and Proxy as None along with Security as 802.1xEAP
  10. Press Connect.
  11. Instantly the location based BSNL 4G plus BroadFi hotspot sends the information to broadband NIB servers and connects you with landline broadband user id / password and bills the total usage in your landline broadband service.
  12. Your Mobile or wireless device will shows BSNL Broad Fi as connected.

Can I connect each time when enters into a BSNL 4G WiFi hotspot?

  • There is no need to connect each time when you select reconnect option, and it connects automatically to BSNL Broad Fi up to the time when password change.
  • It means when you enter into a BSNL 4G Plus WiFi hotspot zone, you will connect automatically to 4G broadband plans using BSNL Broad Fi. So that only, we can call BSNL home broadband as BSNL unlimited 4G internet plans.

4G WiFi dongle involved in this service or not?

  • At anywhere, In and Out, there is no involvement of 4G WiFi dongle in this service.

Any extra fees include in BSNL broadband bill for usage at WiFi hotspot?

  • If you are using a limited plan in your home and gets connected with the same user id at hotspot zone using BSNL 4G broadband means you are using one connection from both the locations.
  • At this situation, the consumed data usage will exhaust the prescribed FUP limit and leads to the excess broadband bill.
  • If you subscribe to an unlimited broadband plan of BSNL at home or in your business area, there is no question of the surplus bill for the data usage at home/office or 4G WiFi hotspot zone.

Are there any other unlimited 4G broadband plans available for this service other than landline broadband?

  • The available BSNL Broad Fi packs are latest BSNL home broadband plans available in your area through landline.

Can two mobile users use the same broadband username at a time?

  • No, it is not possible, at a time only one BSNL user will connect to Broad Fi using BSNL broadband username and password. It is at any location from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Is there any particular BSNL 4G broadband plans available in the market?

In PAN India, the existing BSNL unlimited landline broadband plans are only the available for all to connect the WiFi hotspot using BSNL broadFi option with username and password.

In some states, BSNL introduces separate Broad Fi plans for the limited and unlimited category as per the requirement of the vendor at that location.

When requires raising a 4G plus complaint, to whom I can complain?

  • There is no chance for a claim because it is a wireless network. If any connecting issues raised, please contact the local JTO / SDE of that area for necessary help.

BSNL Broad Fi IP address

Telecom brand connects you dynamically. The connected IP address in Broad Fi changes every time when connects to network using BSNL broadband user Id and password. You can check that IP by just clicking on the BSNL Broad Fi status. Immediately a new window will open with connected IP address and WiFi signal strength.

What to do if BSNL Broad Fi not connected

If you are not connected to BSNL 4G plus WiFi hotspot using Broad Fi option even with correct username and password means, it having some of the reasons as follows.

  • Broad Fi is not connecting means, the existing BSNL broadband user id/password is disconnected due to non payment of telephone bill or disabled internet connection voluntarily.
  • To connect BroadFi, you have not enter your BSNL broadband user id and password of DSL or FTTH internet connection in the respective fields, even if it s not connected means
    1. The given BSNL user ID and password of existing landline broadband connection is incorrect when tried in Broad Fi.
    2. Even if entered as correct, but not connecting means, you have to reenter the user name in Anonymous Identity also to connect again
      • It is not mandatory to enter the user id in the field, in only some cases when technical error occurs, it is not connected. At that time, you have to enter BSNL broadband user ID in Anonymous Identity.

BSNL has continued to launch the next vision services and with this Broad Fi, a new revolution starts in this telecom world, If having any queries on this services before or after activation, let us know in the comments section to clear with solutions.

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