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Want a best quality free conference call at free of cost, Just check best conference call services through, Skype followed by Zoom…

Online calling has become a part of the modern era and for people who want to either host conference calls for webinars, seminars can be done online easily. But if you want to get better quality or service you need to look for a paid conference call. But this is not reasonable.

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Zoom Conference Call to Connect a Group

So, through this article we want to help you understand various free conference call services you can register and make use of.

Conference Call
Conference Call

Best Free Conference Call Services

There are certain criterias you need to ensure are followed when selecting even a free conference call service. Because privacy is important for all the conference participants.

You need to make sure criteria such as number of participants, privacy. As in if only registered users or users with conference link and passcode could join would ensure the conference calls privacy.

There are various call conference services which you can either access from your browser or download for either Android or iOS as well. In order to help you streamline the best service for call conferences you can use.

FreeConferenceCall.Com – Free Audio and Video Conferencing

This website can access from a browser. They require users to register for their free account to be able to create an audio or video conference. You can register either with email, google or apple or facebook social sign in as well.

FreeConference.Com – Free Conference Calls

One of the second best services online that allows you to host conference calls with up to 100 participants is Along with a long range of services, the service also allows you to call local numbers. Their premium plans under starter or pro also allow you to conference call with International numbers.

Skype – Free Audio and Video Calls

Microsoft Skype is easily one of the safest and the best conference call service. This allows anyone who registers with Skype to create groups through which you can either initiate an audio or video calls as well.

In case if you are looking for more participants for your company then you can register for their premium plan.

Zoom – 1 Hour Free Audio and Video Calls

Zoom during the COVID lockdown has become one of the best video call conference services in the market. The free account allows you 40 minutes of time limit. Zoom launched different services under its company.

This allow you to either create group specific conference with passcode to allowing only users with passcode to join it.

What is the best free conference call service?

Free conference call services that require registrations from both sides is Skype. But if you are looking for passcode based conference calls then Zoom would be better. But it has limitations for the free membership.

How can I make a free conference call?

You can use from browser or Zoom from browser to make a free conference call online.

Do free conference calls have a limit?

It depends on the conference call service using if it is Skype or Zoom. Then the free versions allow you enough time for calls. But for longer duration or maybe higher clarity you will need to have a premium membership.

Is there a free conference call app?

There are lots of free conference call apps like Skype, Zoom, FreeConferenceCall. You can readily download from either play store or app store to get the app.

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