iPhone Speaker Not Working, How to Fix it

Speaker not working on Apple iPhone? Fix my iPhone speaker and follow various methods to solve the iPhone speaker issue..

It can become quite scary when you find out that your iPhone speaker is not working. In this world full of hustle where work may complete on the calls this can be an issue to anyone. It does not only entertain the fact that you might miss out on the right opportunities on calls.

iPhone Speaker Not Working
iPhone Speaker Not Working

You may misplace iPhone and without ring it would be hard to find it even in your home or anywhere. In this article, we will take you through different methods to fix the problem. This can help you fix the iPhone speaker not working issue.

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How to solve iPhone not ringing issue – iPhone speaker not working Fix

Well this might be an issue and losing lot of calls due to iPhone speaker not working. You can solve this issue simply by following the instructions below.

Method 1 – Turn your iPhone On/Off

So this is a quick method in which you simply have to turn your iPhone switch off power. And then turn the power on which will basically help the ring to work. Most of the cases this caused due to some technical glitch and this method works like charm all the time.

Method 2 – Turn on your iPhone Ring/Silent Button

You must always at first check if the left side button is Ring/Silent button is turn on or off. This button is basically using to turn your iPhone to silent or to normal volume mode. If silent mode is on, then you need to click to tweak it to turn on the volume mode.

Method 3 – Do Not Disturb Mode Check

If you open your iPhone, under the command center you will be able to find the Do Not Disturb button. This is basically use so that you won’t receive incoming calls making the ring to go away as well. In such case, under the command center you have to click on the DND button looks like Moon Icon. If the DND button is gets highlight then it means it is on. And that could be the literal reason why your iPhone ringing might not be working as well.

Method 4 – iPhone Volume Issue

If this is initial periods using an iPhone then it can be a reason that you might have clicked on the volume rocker button making the volume to zero. Most cases when we pocket our iPhone then due to the external impulses the volume rockers may get activate. And, the volume can go down to zero as well. There is no issue to worry because you can simply click on the volume up rocker button to increase the volume. This will simply bring your iPhone ringing back.

Method 5 – Bluetooth Connected to Head Phones or Air Pods

Apple Air Pods or any respective Bluetooth technology that you might have used for your earphones. What we mean is when you use Air Pods and switch on the Bluetooth. Then, you will only get the volume in the respective air pods and the external volume goes away.

So, if you’re not getting any ringing from your iPhone then it can probably be the case that your previous Airpods or any other bluetooth device for headphones is still connected to your iPhone and that is why you are not able to hear the ringing outside. In such a case, just switch off your bluetooth and check if your iPhone ringing is working properly and it should be probably working fine.

Method 6 – Call Forwarding Settings

If you are someone into business and career growth then you probably might have used a call forward setting under which you have forwarded calls to some other number during your day off or for some other reason. And in those cases as well you will not be going to get any calls on your phone let alone hear the ringing because of the call forwarding being enabled.

You can go to your iPhone settings and then under Calling you can disable the “Call Forwarding” settings

Method 7 – Reset all iPhone settings

It is worth resetting all the settings in iPhone. Many times it works by resetting all the configurations in iPhone. This will help to reset all the configurations using iphone reset and setting to default.

Method 8 – iOS Update on your iPhone

Sometimes iPhones and other Apple devices face bugs that can cause various issues and even if you are using an outdated version then there can be similar technical glitches like the iPhone ringing not working as well. In that case if the above methods does not work then it is suggested to update your iOS if there has been a new version released.

In order to update your iPhone IOS version you need to open your iPhone then go to the Settings > General > Software Update and click on search for any new IOS Updates to be shown available. If you see there is a new IOS update available then click on “Install Now” button to install the latest IOS Version on your iPhone device.

Refer to apple website for more from apple support site