Apple TV Remote App Setup on iPhone or iPad

Lost your Apple TV remote, then just check to setup Apple TV remote app on iPhone, adding remote to control center followed by connecting your Apple TV remote to iOS devices…

Apple TV is great to use and I am sure you would love to watch it all day long. Because I sure do love using my Apple TV all day to watch stuff that is great and interesting. But like everyone I keep on forgetting where my remote is or lose it most of the time. I am pretty sure, you might face the same thing with your own Apple TV remote right?

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Previously Apple released Apple TV remote app on the app store. It was removed but good thing it has made the remote available on all iOS devices under the control center itself.

Apple TV Remote App
Apple TV Remote App

Setup Apple TV Remote App on iPhone or iPad

You can use any of your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or even iPod to work as Apple TV remote? I am sure you would be thrilled and wonder if that really works, right?

But need to worry because I have tested this method with both the latest and older versions of iOS. It still allow you to use your iOS device as a remote.

So, follow through below article that will help you understand how to setup Apple TV remote on your iPhone, iPad or iPod as well. Before you head to the below steps, ensure that any of your using iOS devices and the Apple TV are on the same WiFi network. Let us begin the setup then.

Adding Apple TV Remote to Control Center

In some versions, Apple TV is already added while in older versions you would need to add it with simple clicks as shown below.

  1. Open your iOS device and go to settings
  2. Tap on Control Center and see if you can find Apple TV remote
  3. If not, then click on the plus icon
  4. Add another Apple TV remote

Connect your Apple TV Remote to iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)

Once you have the Apple TV Remote on your iOS device you can follow the instructions to connect it.

  1. Open the iOS Device then go to settings and click on Control Center
  2. Select or tap on Apple TV Remote option and then select the Apple TV or Remote TV from the list of options
  3. You will be asked to enter a four digits number as shown on your Apple TV to connect sync between your TV and remote
  4. Once you enter the four digits number, your iOS device now set with your Apple TV

How do I use my iPhone as a remote for Apple TV?

Under the iOS control center settings you will find the Apple TV remote and once you tap on it. You can sync the Apple TV available and it will ask for a passcode. Once entered it will make a connection for you to use your iOS device as an Apple TV remote.

Does Apple TV still have a remote app?

Yes, Apple TV remote option is still available but Apple has made it available under the control center in IOS rather than the app version from the app store which now removed.

Is there a way to use the Apple TV without a remote?

Yes, in case if you have lost your Apple TV remote then you can either setup your iPhone, iPad or iPod to use as an Apple TV remote as well.

Apple TV remote app for Android?

No, there is an official Apple TV remote app for Android devices and using third party apps does not guarantee connection to your available Apple TV.

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