Phone goes Straight to Voicemail – 6 Possible Issues to Fix

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail | Find why iPhone Calls going straight to voicemail. Check and Fix the issue using the 6 possible ways available for iPhone aor Android user…

Voicemail is a service which is available in every Android or iOS device for diverting the calls. There are certain conditions when users have accidentally pulled their DND mode on and that caused them to route their calls straight to voicemail. In the Voicemail option, your device will not receive any call but they will actually get recorded in the list.

This option is useful when you want to avoid any call or actually wish to have a private space, but having it on will block all calls to your connection. So, learn through this article on why calls going straight to voicemail and how you can revert calls going to voicemail to your phone.

Phone goes Straight to Voicemail
Phone goes Straight to Voicemail

How to Fix Phone Goes Straight to Voicemail

Here we come up with multiple options that you can try to fix Calls going straight to voicemail issues. This is little simpler but seems to complete for someone who is facing the error for the very first time.

Turn off DND Mode

In iOS and Android devices, it is very common that when your Do Not Disturb Mode set to on. Then all your calls may directed to Voicemail. So, it is very first option that needs to check and turned OFF to avoid calls from going to Voicemail.

Blocked contact List

It might be you who might have added the particular number in the Blocked Contact List. It is obvious that when any contact in a blocked list, the calls from that particular number may sent to voicemail or blocked from receiving. Thus you can go to the Block list from contacts in your Android or iOS device and remove the number to receive calls.

Call Forwarding

There is an option of call forwarding in all devices, which set in case as per the user’s preference. This might also an issue which might move our calls directly to voicemail and thus you can go to the Call forwarding to turn it off. If you miss disabling the call forwarding, then the calls will go straight to voicemail.

Bluetooth Settings

In some cases, this may found that the device Bluetooth turned on. It feels as it connected to a device when it is not actually. Even after disconnecting the device, audio may not switched to the phone speaker. It makes calls to don’t reach your phone. Get the Bluetooth off, by the control center to avoid such technical error.

SIM Card Refresh

If you face the Call going straight to voicemail error, even after trying the above stated methods. Then it may recommended to change your SIM card by visiting the network provider. It might happen that due to damaged or old cards, the SIM might not function properly.

Network Issue

Your device might send the call to Voicemail if you don’t have proper network connection. In such cases, you can connect with your cellular network provider and find out what the reason for sending calls to voicemail. If you don’t have a proper coverage network, then such type of network error might come.

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Why don’t I ring when I get a call?

There are certain options such as Do Not Disturb mode, block contact and others. This don’t allow your phone to ring when someone is trying to call. In any of these conditions, you might get notification but there will not be any ring on the device.

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Can I call back to the voicemail number in the list?

Voicemail does record the list of calls from the number that has received. Users can make use of these and actually use it to call them back if you feel it necessary or want to connect back to them.

Do Airplane Mode calls in Phone goes Straight to Voicemail?

No, the Airplane mode will send notification of user busy or switch off as per the valley of the network. These calls may not sent to voicemail and they will be directly denied at their first ring.