How to Zoom In and Out on a Mac (4 Methods / New Shortcuts*)


There are multiple ways through which you can Zoom in and Out in a Mac Device, and this becomes particularly necessary when you’re reading a low font text or want to have a clear deep view of your picture, thus here we will come across a few types of Zoom in and Out on Mac, and there are easiest ways to use the Command Key from the keyboard as + to get the zoom in and then minus to get Zoom out.

Zoom in and Zoom out in Mac Device

Have a look at the multiple ways to Zoom in us Out in your Mac device, and make sure to select the appropriate one for your Mac Desktop and Mac Laptop respectively.

MAC Zoom In Zoom Out Method
MAC Zoom In Zoom Out Method

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

In this method you will be using your keyboard, so it is necessary that a Keyboard is attached, and its keys are perfectly working fine.

  1. Launch the windows or page that you want to Zoom in or Out
  2. Now Press Command Button with Plus button at once
  3. This will start Zoom In as many times you press this combined button
  4. To get Zoom Out, you need to press Command Button with Minus button
  5. As many times this combination is used, windows will be zoom out

Method 2: Use Shortcuts to Zoom in and Out Whole Screen

Here the Zoom in and Zoom Out can be applicable to the whole screen and this is being done using the system predefined options, and these shortcuts will be applicable for whole screen Zoom in and Zoom Out.

  1. Click on Apple Icon and then select System Preference to launch
  2. Find Accessibility from menu options and click on it to open
  3. Here you can find Zoom option form left side menu list
  4. On right Side you can use the mode of shortcuts to be used
  5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom or Scroll Gesture to Zoom
  6. Choose Keyboard Shortcuts and save the options selected
  7. Select Option + Command + 8 to get toggle shortcuts turned On
  8. Now Use Option + Command + = button to get Zoom In
  9. Or Use Option + Command + Minus button to Zoom out
  10. This option will enlarge the whole screen to get Zoom in and Out.

Method 3: Using Pinch Gesture on Trackpad

This method is mostly preferred if you are using a Mac Laptop, thus having a trackpad attached will make your work easier to get the Zoom in or Zoom out.

  1. This is a defined gesture option for a Laptop
  2. Make sure you enable using Trackpad on Mac device
  3. Now Pinch on your Trackpad with two fingers
  4. Expand the finger by dragging outer side for Zoom Out
  5. Drag Two finger towards to get the Zoom in
  6. That’s it, If you’re perfect to use your trackpad then, this option to Zoom in and Zoom out can be easily learned.

Method 4: Use Modifier Keys Option

In this process you will be using the Modifier Keys option to Zoom in or Zoom out using your Mouse or Trackpad, and this works both on your desktop screen and laptop. Use a Mouse that has a physic scroll wheel at its centre or trackpad with smoother action.

  1. Launch the System Preference selecting from the Apple Menu
  2. Find the Accessibility option from menu and select Zoom form it
  3. Now at right hand side, select Use Scroll Gesture with Modifier Keys to Zoom
  4. Select Full Screen or Split Screen or Picture in picture form Scroll down
  5. Full Screen will Zoom in and Zoom out when you use the options
  6. Split Screen will Zoom in or out only selected screen part
  7. Picture in Picture will only Zoom in or Out where pointer is located
  8. Use the Mouse Wheel by pressing right click button to Zoom In
  9. Rotate the Wheel backward to get the Zoom out
  10. Same works with pinch finger dragging in or out
  11. Make sure you select the appropriate option, as selecting these options will let you have the feature enabled always.
  1. Can I reset my Zoom In options in Mac Device?

    Yes, you can use the Zoom Option from Accessibility which can be found from System Preference, and here you have access to change the Zoom option from Keyboard shortcuts to Gesture Shortcuts as preferred.

  2. Unable to Zoom in or Zoom Out in Mac Windows?

    The Zoom option is a predefined feature of Mac Device, thus if you still face difficulty to Zoom in or Zoom Out, then it is advised to close the windows which you’re using and try again the Zoom option after reopening it.

  3. How to Zoom in and Zoom Out in a Mac Camera?

    The Same commands as Command and Plus button can be used to Zoom In camera and the combination of Zoom and Minus button will Zoom out your camera, and these can be used from keyboard shortcuts and as well by using track pad pinch gesture if you’re using a Mac Laptop.

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