My iPhone Screen is Black, How to Fix iPhone Black Screen


Is your iPhone is on but screen is black, even when turned on. You might able to hear Ring sound, but won’t able to answer due to iPhone black screen. This is some weird situation, which does happen with the iPhone dark screen, which does require some series of steps to follow.

Have you tried to force turn off and does this iPhone Screen sit black? Don’t get worry, as we have the article about explaining you about getting iPhone black screen. It is suggested to visit nearest Apple Store, if you don’t understand this article or not sure enough to follow these steps which might not taken in risk.

Why Apple Phone Screen being Black

This problem of iPhone Screen becoming null is usually due to the Hardware problem. Frankly speaking it doesn’t have a quick fix and you need to have patience to try some software tricks to get the iPhone Working. Try the following methods and let us ensure we have done enough to get the iPhone Screen working.

iPhone Black Screen Error Recovery

  1. Try to press and hold your power button as well you might refer to the sleep or wake button along with the Home button. Hold these buttons for at least 10 seconds to get your hard-reset option on your screen.
  2. Have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus them you need to do hard reset through holding volume down button and power button until you see a slight vibration and restart logo on screen
  3. Having iPhone 8, then you need to press volume up button with the volume down button and as well pressing the power button until 10 seconds.
  4. If you view the Apple Logo on screen, then it’s not a hardware issue and this may directly fixed from restarting the iPhone. It’s a simple software crash which will surely fixed through and restart.
  5. Even if you still see the iPhone Screen as black, then you need to make a visit to the iPhone Store and get your phone repair. As it is a serious hardware issue which needs an engineer to look and advise what may done to get it working. For more information: please visit support page at
  1. Is repairing the iPhone by itself a good idea?

    No, obviously opening an iPhone by yourself is very bad and not a suggested idea. As iPhone prepared differently and they do have minute practice which make you hard to set after you have fixed any issue. It’s always best to visit an iPhone Store and fixed without making any false attempts.

  2. Does iPhone Screen Cost High if Hardware Screen issue?

    Yes, the iPhone Screen has got issues with the hardware part then it will be a risky one for the customers. As every item in your iPhone device cost effective and will surely empty your pocket if it a big hardware issue. The issue with the iPhone black screen will probably due to any hardware, so only once the device opened by an engineer, and the actual cost may known to repair.

  3. Can I ask for a Warranty for iPhone Screen Issue?

    Yes, if you have recently bought an iPhone device and have still expired. Then you need to directly visit the Apple store without causing any personal damage by trying to open the device. The warranty will not work, if you have by mistake opened or tried to do any hardware fixing solution.

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