iPhone Reset, How to Factory Reset iPhone


Apple iPhone will allow you to do factory reset of all the settings and configurations. The article gives the process of how to reset iPhone and force restart the phone will lead to reset all settings..

How to reset iPhone

iPhone has got an option to reset its network settings or entire device settings. Thus to get the phone to get as normal as before, then you can use this reset option from the Settings. As well the reset will clear everything your device has saved since the while you’re using your phone.

These will make sure that your device will not look for any previous settings option and will clear that your device is working without older data. It happens many times that you require a reset, as to get the device working again as normal.

This might have distributed with another network or other settings. As well, you must have a double question mark before getting these deleted which will clear everything you have been using.

iPhone Reset
iPhone Reset

How to factory reset iPhone Settings

It is clear that these are a few lists of settings from your iPhone which will be going to set as default. So before using the below process to reset the iPhone, you must make sure that these details are going to be null now.

  1. All Sounds Settings which include Notifications, ringtones and more
  2. All Display Settings which have brightness, Font, Wallpaper and more
  3. Network Settings which include Wi-Fi and Cellular settings
  4. Custom settings were set as iPhone default one

Reset all settings

Follow below steps to reset your iPhone, these are quick steps to reset all settings. Make sure you do ensure about default settings before going to proceed with these steps.

  1. Launch your iPhone and go the Settings from your Apps Menu
  2. Here Select ‘ General’ and then find the reset button from list
  3. Now click on Reset All settings and then pass your passcode
  4. Once the passcode is confirmed, and confirm the same

That’s it! These will take seconds to get all your phone settings to set as default and your device will go into reboot after the reset.

You can refer to Apple iPhone support for more information Factory settings on https://support.apple.com/en-in/guide/iphone/iph8903c3ee6/ios

You can also refer to Mac Address on iPhone – How to Find Instantly

Can iPhone Resets be reverted once done?

No, as once the iPhone reset has been done using the reset button by giving the confirmation passcode. The same setting cannot be reverted to the device once the conformation has been done. As the iPhone goes into reboot, these will clearly get the old data completely wiped off from the device.

Will my Wi-Fi saved Password will be reset with Factory Reset?

Yes, all your entire saved password for Wi-Fi along with your hotspot name will be removed from your iPhone. Once the confirmation has been made, all your devices previously connected will be cleared and removed completely from your iPhone.

Does an iPhone Reset of settings will clean my Contacts?

No, the reset of iPhone settings will only get the device settings to be cleared. The Device saved contacts or photos will not be deleted with the reset iPhone option. The contacts will be saved and can be accessible once your iPhone has come up with reboot.

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