WiFi Analyzer Windows to Analyze WiFi Network Quality


WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is a tool designed by Windows which is now released for all devices that have the Microsoft store access and through this tool you will be able to analyze your WiFi and diagnose all the issues related to it in quick time.

Most of the times you might face issues where the WiFi would be down for no reasons and for people without much knowledge into the networking troubleshooting this can become a bit hard to solve but with the help of this tool you can easily find out what is the cause of the problem by turning either your own computer, laptop or even mobile, an analyzer for the router access point.

Though this app is a free one but there are some extensive features that are available in the paid version which does not matter much since those are some explicit features that we do not have to use over the time.

WiFi Analyzer Windows

In a quick introduction, you can understand this is a tool that helps us understand the issue and the diagnostics resolution towards the problem by making use of the Microsoft Analyzer system.

Through the homepage of the tool, you can find all the basic information about your current network connection from the speed, to network details, device info of your router, the security type, and the infrastructure it is built upon as well.

On the bottom right corner, you can see the different meaning of each symbol which is represented on the Connected top section as healthcare, and this showcases if your connection is bad, if the channel is bad, if there is no internet connection or if the connection is not secure as well.

Analyze section of the tool will now analyze all the different connections that you are currently connected and rate them each based on their performance, so that you can choose the one which has better speed, connectivity, security and more.

So, basically other than helping you identify the issues with your currently connected wifi network, this tool will also help you identify which of your other connected wifi networks are better, and based on the ratings on different criteria of speed, connectivity, the security you can choose the one you prefer.

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Download WiFi Analyzer on Windows

I am sure you would like to ensure that your connection is always top notch which you can analyze with the help of WiFi analyzer tool from Microsoft for Windows. So, follow the instructions below that will guide you on how to download WiFi analyzer on Windows easily.

  1. Go to Microsoft Store and search for WiFi Analyzer or else open your browser and then click on this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/wifi-analyzer/9nblggh33n0n
  2. Click on the Get button which will now open the download in the Microsoft store and it will take some time for it downloads first
  3. Once the download is done, then it will begin to install, and once done you can start using the tool to analyze your WiFi network connection.
WiFi Analyzer Windows
WiFi Analyzer Windows

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