WiFi Speed Test to Check Your Wireless Internet Speed


Internet is something we all use in every second of our life now with WiFi gadgets, where you can test the speed at any time, and where with notifications, messages and emails pouring down like rain we ought to have the finest of the Internet connection with us all the time.

But do you know if your Internet service provider or the WiFi connection is giving you the promised speed when it comes to download and upload limit?

If you think yes, then I would suggest you to reconsider that because not ever service provider gives you the finest quality of internet speed. And when you use your Internet connection to link with a Router then use Internet via the WiFi, then there will be a decrease in speed obviously but it would be a lot more decrease if the actual internet speed is not meeting the said standards and speed metrics.

But don’t worry because with this article, we have explained the finest service in order to check your Internet speed and WiFi speed right from online or from any Mobile OS as well. So that you will be able to access the precise metrics from the said services and we have also discussed alternatives to Speedtest by Ookla, so you can confirm speed from different services as well.

Best WiFi Speed Test Online via Browser – How to check Internet Speed Online

Well we have talked much about the need for a good Internet connection but it is time for you get to into action and check if your Internet is what it promises to be. In order to do check your WiFi speed which means your Internet connection speed, we will be using SpeedTest by Ooakla.

As you already know that Ooaka is one of the world’s leading brands when it comes to Internet metrics and they have wide spread severs across the web with modern tech AI that allows them to find the speed of any Internet connection. I will be showing you how you can use their service in order to check your WiFI speed anytime of the day. So, let’s get started

  1. First step is to go to the SpeedTest official website from here or follow the link speedtest.net. As soon as you’re on the above page, you will see that the service has already found your Global IP address and the Internet service provider name as well, with their city and more details.
  2. Second step is to click on the “Go” button present in the middle of the page and once you click on it, the page will start loading speed metrics slowly
  3. Now the Ping speed in Millisecond will be given which is 5ms, then your download speed will be shown and finally your upload speed will be shown as well.
  4. You need to wait for anywhere between 2 or more minutes for the SpeedTest server to check your Internet speed and load the relevant metrics on the same page.
  5. Change Server in SpeedTest for Better Ping Results and Internet Speed Check on SpeedTest
  6. The way this platform works is quite unique but at the same time it is simple as well, and if you want more precise ping result and internet speed metrics then you can also change the server through which Internet connection or WiFI speed is checked.
  7. When you enter the homepage of speedtest from https://www.speedtest.net/
  8. You will be able to see the Internet service provider details on the left side of the page. On the right side you will have your city name and a service name which will be used to check your internet speed.
  9. On the right side, you can click on “Change Server” option and select either your own service provider or a relevant provider to check the speed
  10. And then simply click on the Go button again and you will see different internet and WiFi speed results that will be more accurate now!
WiFi Speed Test
WiFi Speed Test

Best WiFi Speed Test Service Online – Alternative to Speedtest by Ookla

Well sometimes, people would differ want to have a different opinion on their Internet or the Wi-Fi speed test results which is why we have mentioned 3 of the best alternatives to the speedtest by Ookla that you can readily use.


Fast might be your first choice but it will obviously be a fine service if you want to check our Internet connection speed during anytime and it will provide you with top notch estimate of the metrics in quick seconds as well. One of the reasons why I would suggest to use this service for checking your speed is that they have a ping speed or latency of 3ms which is quite less compared to the 5ms from speedtest by Ookla.

You can access their service right away from the domain fast.com for the browser version and we believe they have not yet released any mobile app as of now. One interesting fact that you would love to know about this service is that this is powered by Netflix.


Spectrum is a well-known service which does not primarily deals with Internet WiFi speed test checking but majorly focuses on Internet, Cable TV and Phone services all across the world. But you can access their Internet speed checking page from here or follow https://www.spectrum.com/internet/speed-test.html in your browser.

It has the same interface as of Speedtest by Ookla but it looks more attractive with graphic speed load visuals that would surely attract users. It does not fall down when checking the internet speed metrics and hits the mark every time precisely by telling you the correct details.

OpenSpeedTest – openspeedtest.com

Might sound little new to you but it is one of the top notches and pioneer in the market of Internet speed checking that works like charm. But I would suggest this service is more precise when it comes to foreign countries like USA, UK and more due to servers being pinged from those nations most of the times.

My experience using this service has been great since it provided me with the precise WiFi internet speed which I actually own and I would expect you to test sites as well while checking your WiFi speed online.

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