Flush DNS Windows 10 using Command Prompt & Clear DNS Cache

What is Flush DNS Windows 10: The flush of DNS entries in Windows 10 will remove all entries and delete the invalid records, and also this forces the computer to repopulate all the invalid addresses on screen whenever they are tried to access.

This makes you sure that you’re nowhere using any Invalid website address thus making Windows 10 acting to respond quickly, Flushing the DNS cache from Windows 10 will remove all information files stored in Cache and thus computers need to find new DNS information.

Flush DNS Windows 10
Flush DNS Windows 10

This requires a single command to be run as Windows Administrator, thus making sure you have system credentials while running, and Before going to clear DNS entries from Windows 10, get your windows credentials as to delete the Admin access is only required.

How to Flush DNS windows 10

  1. Firstly click on Windows Start Button search for Command
  2. In results click on Command Prompt and right click on it
  3. Select run as administrator to open and fill your credentials
  4. Now the Command Prompt is launched with Admin Access
  5. Here type ipconfig/flushdns in windows and hit enter
  6. A message with Successfully Flushed the DNS Resolver Cache will be visible
  7. That’s it, with this simple steps, you will remove your DNS caches from your Windows 10 Operating system in quick time.

Is DNS FLUSH on Windows 10 Safe?

All the IPs including the good and bad does get flushed, thus protecting your device from Bad IPs and however good IPs can be connected back without any error whenever required.

Can DNS Cache be removed with a Reboot on Windows 10?

No, reboot of Windows 10 will not affect any DNS entry on the DNS cache saved in the system, and the entries saved with IPs need to be removed with manual command only using the Windows Command Prompt.