iPhone Screenshot with or without Home Button and Navigator


Using different options, iPhone users may get their screenshot on the moment, just check the steps for each key mode and follow them to get a screenshot photo on iPhone…

iPhone Screenshot

A screenshot is always a preferred point of an easy way to capture your screen and save that scene for future, and getting the screen capture while playing videos, games, conversation as well while using social networking sites, where this can be best used, when you see any error or suddenly get something on a page that needs to be captured.

The screenshot does help in many ways and people do often get trouble while using it on an iPhone, and just get this captured in your gallery of whatever you want and whatever is needed, and this option is a default in every phone even using for normal calls or WiFi calling, which can be used if you know exact tricks and options to be used.

iphone screenshot
iPhone Screenshot

How to take a Screenshot on iPhone

We bring you options to get the Screenshot on an apple phone by using some rarely used options, and this might be common, but you won’t have come across to them to use it to get a Screenshot, and the option to use iPhone screenshot as different as per the model, whereas new versions of iPhone don’t have a home button and it is thus difficult to use this option.

Just follow these steps and get the Screenshot of whatever you want from your phone with the model that comes without a home button.

Get Screenshot on iPhone without Home Button

  1. Open your iPhone and go to the screen that you want to capture
  2. Now set your screen, as to capture on screen as a picture
  3. Once done, press and hold the side button on now iPhone
  4. Make sure you have your face toward Face ID to capture it
  5. At the position, just click on the Volume Up button to capture that moment
  6. The screen will blink, and captured picture may saved in your gallery
  7. You can now move to your gallery and then crop the picture or use it as it capture from your gallery, as said, the gallery is default location for the Screenshot taken on your Apple mobile.

Screenshot on iPhone with Home Button

Use this home button to get the screen-captured and save it as a iPhone Screenshot for anything that you want from your screen.

  1. Launch your iPhone and set the position to capture on screen
  2. Now set the screen as you want to capture as a picture
  3. Press and hold the Home button along with Volume Up Button
  4. Just hold them for more than 3 seconds and wait for the screen to blink
  5. Once the screen blink’s your Screenshot for selected screen may saved as a picture. This may used from your gallery and then may edit as per your requirements.
iphone screenshot with home
iphone screenshot with home

If you’re using an Apple’s mobile or iPad which has got its navigator enabled, then it will be very easy to get the Screenshot of your screen. Get the below steps followed to capture a screen from your iPhone or whatever is required.

How to Screenshot on iPhone using Navigator

  1. Launch your iPhone or iPad on which you want to save the screen
  2. Go to the application or game or file of which Screenshot required
  3. Arrange the screen captured in the picture to save
  4. Now click on the navigator and then click on more to view more options
  5. Tap on the Screenshot option and wait for the screen to blink
  6. That’s it, This option of Screenshot on the phone using the navigator may used on any version of the iPhone. Start using this process and get require screen to capture as picture to save in your gallery.

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