iPhone Not Charging, Fix My iPhone Won’t Charge in 6 Ways


Afraid that your iPhone not charging anymore? Yes, you should be because a phone that’s worth more than $800 stops charging might cause a lot of fuss, but in the world of tech millions face similar charging issues and such is also the case with iPhone 7 users which is why you do not need to worry in case your phone does not charge anymore.

It might be a long stretch to say about my iphone won’t charge that it can only be a technical glitch because there are various troubleshooting methods that one has to perform in order to ensure and fix the issue which is causing your iPhone 7 to not charge. And if this is your first time facing such an issue then do not worry because we are writing this article to help you understand and walk you through all the iPhone not charging troubleshooting methods.

iphone not charging
iPhone not charging

How to Solve iPhone Not Charging Issue – Troubleshooting Methods

Well let us dive into the main issue about my iphone won’t charge, which is to solve the problem which is causing your iPhone 7 not to charge. We have listed 6 troubleshooting methods which one by one followed will help you understand the cause of your problem.

Method 1 – Forced Restart – iPhone Power On/Off

Most of the time a simple power on and off of your iPhone 7 would work through which you will be able to get the charging working again.

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In case if the normal power on and off does not work then you need to do a force restart on your device by using the following control options. First press and then hold down the power button along with the volume down button till the Apple logo appears and the phone switches off. Then you can let the buttons go which will force restart the iPhone 7.

Method 2 – iPhone Charging Cable or Brick Not Working

If the above method does not work, then you need to ensure that your iPhone charging cable or the lightning cable works. Else there may issues with iPhone charging brick broken and these two needs to fix.

  1. Check if Lighting cable works by using it from your Laptop or MacBook
  2. Check if the Brick works or not
  3. If there seems to be an issue with the brick or the cable then you need to replace them with the new ones. But in case, if worried about buying new ones then you can try to brush your brick and the cable from all the dust.

Method 3 – iPhone Charging Port Not Working

Through method 2 you will confirm that either your charging port or cable is working or not. In case if they are working then there will surely be a problem with your iPhone charging port directly. In case the port is the issue then would need to get fixed from offline Apple store.

Method 4 – iPhone Charging But Battery percentage Not Increasing

There have been a lot of iPhone 7 customers facing this issue where their charging is working but the battery percentage does not increase or most of the times the battery percentage status is constant. This could be the problem with the device IOS upgrade and in that case simply go to Settings > General and IOS Upgrade > Install Now

Method 5 – Does Your Electric Socket Work?

Most probably the least concerning thing any of us might check whether our electric socket used for the power is working or not. And that truly is a concerning thing which you need to check to mark this off the list so that the basic power outlet works.

Method 6 – Repair your iPhone under warranty

In the last case scenario if the problem does not persist with your iPhone charging bricket and cable then there can be an issue with your device or the charging port itself which has to be repaired with the help of Apple offline store. It would be a good idea to check if the iPhone 7 is covered under any warranty or extra warranty.

For other queries / clarifications on why won’t my iphone charge, please visit authentic page https://support.apple.com/en-in

  1. My iPhone is charging but slowly than usual?

    If your iPhone charging slower than earlier then firstly the issue might with your charging cable needs to replace with a new one or the charging brick has to replaced. But if replacing both does not solve the issue then the last troubleshoot would be to upgrade your IOS to the latest version which might help resolve this issue.

  2. Why did my iPhone charging have stopped at 80% battery?

    This has been seen with many iPhone 7 devices where if phone using too many apps while being charged, due to GPU overload issue the charging percentage stops at 80%. So, to resolve this issue you need to stop all the apps and clear the GPU which will get the charging going then.

  3. Is my iPhone 7 charging issue related to overheating?

    In most of the cases, if the GPU loaded and the apps usage is extensive it can lead to overheating of your iPhone 7 device that can lead to battery issues. It means the battery longevity, the life span reduced and then needs to replace. The simple troubleshoot may ensure your device not overheated, then use apps at minimum when not required.

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