How to Underline in Whatsapp for Text to Highlight


Want to highlight some important text of your message in whatsapp, Just follow the below simple steps how to Underline in Whatsapp…

Do you see highlight text underline in WhatsApp which might wonder how they are actually written, as everyone has got similar and same type of typing pads. There are numerous features that WhatsApp has brought for their users which brings attraction while sending the text messages.

Users can now Bold, Underline and bring styles to their text messages from simple tricks that WhatsApp has brought. In this article we will bring you steps that you can follow and get the Underline in your WhatsApp texts. These can be easily remembered and can be used whenever quickly required.

Underline the Text in WhatsApp
Underline the Text in WhatsApp

How to Underline the Text in WhatsApp

Underline text in WhatsApp will take longer than using the option of Bold and Italic features. Make sure you follow theṣṣe steps and get the features of underline in your WhatsApp.

  1. Download the BlueWords App from the App Center or google play store
  2. Tap on the Underline Option and then tap on Share Icon from right
  3. You choose to which App the underline words has to be updated
  4. Select the person to whom the Underline word has to be sent
  5. Now click on tick on bottom and tap to send the message

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How do you bold and underline on WhatsApp?

You can use third party apps like BlueWords and install them. Then open the app and underline the text and then click on Share Icon to select to share the underlined text in WhatsApp.

How do you underline in chat?

In WhatsApp, you cannot directly underline text in chat and in order to do so you need to make use of third party apps like BlueWords or others. Install the BlueWords app, then underline the text and share to WhatsApp by clicking on Share Icon.

How do you put line through line on WhatsApp?

In order to put a line through on WhatsApp, you will need to put tilde on both sides of the text as this ~text~, so once you send it on WhatsApp message it will show as text.

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