What is ElevenLabs and How to Create Account, Use, Generate Natural Speech, Clone Voice


ElevenLabs converts from the text to audio (you can edit audio) and also original voice to other voice. It is having a lot of user based, and You can also download the generated voices, and It can arrange the vocal feelings.

Actually, if didn’t have an ElevenLabs account then you can also use it certain number of limited times only. After finishing your chances to use it. Then, you need to click on give me an idea and it is visible at the top of the page so that you need to proceed by tapping it.

How to Create an ElevenLabs Account?

  1. Link to use ElevenLabs: https://elevenlabs.io/?gclid=CjwKCAjww7KmBhAyEiwA5-PUSt4-0VCuO5YGmU495Da1qJ8O2JicQfREe7gBK4wNT7zmv90RAmszuRoCbzgQAvD_BwE
  2. You just go to browser and tap on search button then, type the ElevenLabs AI or else you can simply click on above link to use it.
  3. Now, you can go to click on THREE HORIZONTAL line bar it is visible at the right side top of the page.
  4. Click on SIGN UP option (black in colour).
  5. You can enter your EMAIL or else simply you can tap on SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE (your choice) by tapping it creates your account.

How to use ElevenLabs AI

It is very understandable to use ‘ElevenLabs’ AI. It will useful to these purpose’s like: gaming, dubbing (expressing emotions), editing.

Commonly you just simply follow the below instructions for how to use ElevenLabs AI

  • After creating an account, Make sure that use free before using that paid plan.
  • Now, go to your account it will visible at top of the page like speech synthesis, voice lab and history.
  • Speech synthesis:
    • It means natural voice to artificial voice (which you want to generate).
    • To use the speech synthesis follow the above steps:
    • Firstly, you need submit settings and voices and model before using it (output).
    • Select your desired voice to match it.
    • Enter your desired TEXT (it means what to speak). Nearly, you can write 5000 words.
    • Now, enter the generate option.
    • At last, you can found the results.
  • Voice lab:
    • Cloning your voice to generating with the industry people’s (celebrities). Here, you can use it with number of multiple languages (depends upon your choice).
    • Follow these steps to use the voice lab:
    • Create an original audio.
    • And add an ADD VOICE or else record your own voice.
    • Then, upload it after adding the voice.
    • Now, select the voices (there will be having number of voices) that you want to match with your uploaded voice.
    • Finally, click on generate option.
    • See the results. It gives the proper voice as you think.
  • History:
    • Here, you will able to see all your tabs.

How to Generate Natural Speech from Text using ElevenLabs AI

It generates the realistic voice and we can feel it.

It is very clear to generate natural speech from text using ElevenLabs AI.

  1. First, sign up to create an account. Then, use it as a free trail before applying the paid plan.
  2. Now, go to SPEECH SYNTHESIS option by tapping it (visible at top of the page).
  3. Select the SETTING’S option then you will able to see no. of voices.
  4. Now, click on any voice (your choice) you want to generate.
  5. Finally, coming to the next part that means TEXT. Go through TEXT option to fill what you want to generate the speech.
  6. Just type the speech (what to say/express) in TEXT blank.
  7. Last part (actually, main part), after completing the typing of text then TAP on the GENERATE option.

Happily it’s done. Now, go through listening it and enjoy.

How to Clone Your Own Voice using ElevenLabs AI

There are TWO main steps to clone your own voice using ElevenLabs AI as follows:

  • Transfer a sound sample of the voice to be clone
    • Open your ElevenLabs AI account.
    • Go through the voice lab (voice cloning) option by tapping it.
    • TAP on ADD VOICE option, then TAP on the INSTANT (immediate) VOICE CLONE option.
    • Now, give a title to your transferring sample and transfer it.
    • Finally, TAP the button to ADD VOICE for to begin the cloning.
  • To utilize the cloned voice
    • After completing the process of voice cloning then, at the last TAP on the USE button to use it.
    • Have to give a text that which voice you wanted to talk (giving voice).
    • After completion of text you just TAP on the GENERATE button.
    • At last you just go and look a SOUND CLIP.
    • Finally, it’s ready to save (download).

The ElevenLabs AI is safe to use?

Yeah, it is safe to use the ElevenLabs but also sometimes may not sure. You can use this in a proper way and don’t misuse it. It is a true platform to generating the natural voice into other voice (industry/dubbing).

Is the ElevenLabs AI offers you to data storage?

Absolutely, no it means didn’t gives the storage option particularly. Suppose, If the data you had submitted into it. Similarly, after closing the submitted data it shows/looks like empty (It means, doesn’t allocate).

How does Eleven Lab work?

This is a tool that contains a many voices to create. you can use it clearly with the good, smooth features and also you are able to use own voice or else already recorded voice from the voice cloning feature.

Can AI recreate the voices?

Yes, AI can recreate the voice. It has a feature to recreate this. That is synthetic voices and this is performs action same as human voice.

Can ElevenLabs do other languages?

Of course, it can generates the many other languages.

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