Vivo Cloud Sign Up & Login to Access New Cloud Features

Vivo has shown huge growth in the Smartphone market and Vivo Cloud has now got very immense response, where it is starting off as a low end product which peaked fans interest and later it has now become a giant with more than millions of Smartphones and gadgets that are sold all across the world.

Along with the expanding of Vivo Smartphone business they offer different in app features such as Vivo Cloud which we are going to discuss today. If you own a Vivo phone then you would also get cloud storage with it as we have discussed but many people do not know that you have to register an account in order to ensure cloud service is enabled.

The fact is that Vivo gives free cloud storage through their platform Vivo Cloud global but it does not mean every user will directly receive their cloud storage. You will have to create your account and only then the free storage associated with the account will be accessible and usable as well.

Vivo Cloud Features and Reasons why you need to use it

So before we jump off into the signup process you should check out the features and the reasons why using this cloud storage might be a good option.

  1. Limitless Backup is one of their latest features where you will be allowed to backup any amount of files, data, contacts, images and videos through your account.
  2. Backup from Cloud is easier with the EasyShare app they have, through which you can just clone your old phone to the new one. And if your phone’s memory is erased or deleted you can swap the backup from the correct one right away.
  3. You can easily share the backup data or the data from your cloud storage to any other device through Easyshare
  4. Most importantly it is free to use and does not come off anytime asking you for a extension with a price popup which is something really good for long term users of Vivo

How to Sign Up for Vivo Cloud Storage – Registration Process

Now that you already have your device at your hand or else you can even follow the below registration process from any browser as well.

  1. First you have to open Vivo official website from here or else you can follow this link to the browser
  2. Next click on the Icon on the left top corner and then under it click on “Sign In/Register” option
  3. And this will redirect you to Vivo passport registration, which is their account creation page
  4. Select your region, then enter your email address
  5. Click on the Next button (You can also choose to register with phone number)
  6. In the next page you will have to enter email verification code and then set a password
  7. Finally click on Ok button and your account is created

How to log in to VivoCloud on your Smartphone

Open your Smartphone and then click on VivoCloud app, and then follow the below process to login.

  1. Click on Login button on the homepage of the app
  2. In the next page click on Login with your email address option
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Click on Sign In button
  5. This will give you access to the Cloud app

Note: You only have to make an account on Vivo official website or app and it can be used across all the different users that Vivo provides on any platform, device or related service as well.

  1. Can I link my VivoCloud account with both phone number and email address?

    Yes, you can link both of them to the same account but while registering for the account you have to use one of the options to register and later you can link them directly from your account settings.

  2. Is VivoCloud free to use?

    Yes, this service from Vivo is free to use and most importantly if you are their customer then you will get the benefit of unlimited data backup along with free of cost cloud storage.

  3. Can I Backup VivoCloud to iPhone?

    Yes, you can backup data or backup files from VivoCloud to iPhone and any other device as well.