How to Hide WhatsApp Chat with or without Password

Do you know how to hide whatsapp chat on your mobile through simple steps. Just check the process for How to Hide Whatsapp chat in app…

Sometimes you just want to hide some WhatsApp chats and at times maybe want to permanently hide them as well. And if you want to hide WhatsApp chats without deleting them then it is quite easy to do as well.

We will be using the Archive feature on WhatsApp to hide the chats you want hidden from your normal and regular chats. And you can even hide all archived chats from settings that allow you hide all the archived chats on WhatsApp as long as you want. You can follow the below instructions to learn how to hide WhatsApp chat easily.

how to hide whatsapp chat
How to Hide Whatsapp Chat

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Just follow the below simple steps to archive chats on the Whatsapp app.

  1. Long Tap on any Chat that you want to archive

    Open WhatsApp and long press on a WhatsApp chat, then three options will show up

  2. Click on Archieve

    You will have Pin, Muffle and Archive options out of which you need to tap on Archive

  3. You can check Archive Chats present at the top of chat page

    Once clicked on it, on top of your message you will see Archive messages section which will have all the chats which were archived by you

How to Permanently Archive WhatsApp Chats

Once you have archived a chat then follow the below steps to permanently archive chats on Whatsapp.

  1. Archive a chat on WhatsApp
  2. Go to settings from WhatsApp
  3. Click on Chats
  4. Tap on Archived Chats and click on Keep Chats Archived
  1. How To Hide Chat In Whatsapp With Password ?

    You can add a password lock to WhatsApp to be able to hide chats in WhatsApp with password.

  2. How To Hide Chat On Whatsapp Without Archive ?

    You cannot hide chats on WhatsApp without an archive and the only option is to delete them.

  3. How To Hide Chat In Whatsapp Without Archive In Android ?

    On Android, in order to hide chats in Whatsapp without Archive you can delete those chats because without archive you cannot hide chats.

  4. How To Hide Archive Chats In Whatsapp ?

    In order to Archive chats in WhatsApp, click on Archive option for a chat by long press or clicking on it and your chat will be now archived in WhatsApp.