Windows Update Cannot Currently Check for Updates


If you get an error like Windows update cannot currently check for updates because service is not running, and you need to restart your computer, which mostly occurs when Windows temporary update folder is corrupted.

In this tutorial we will bring you different approaches to get Window update error fixed. In many of the cases restarting the PC has got this error fixed, if still your error exists after a restart of PC or Laptop then follow our below given method.

This error will also be caused when Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver in windows has got missing or outdated, where there are different approaches that will help you as per the situation and error demands.

Windows update cannot currently check for updates is a common error, so you don’t need to rush to any repair center to get your Windows PC or Laptop repaired, and If you have got little knowledge about the windows system and its configuration, then this tutorial is best for you to fix the error.

Windows Update
Windows Update

Windows Update Error

To fix the windows update error we have come with four different approaches, which are best at their places, and you can choose anyone from the list below and proceed to repair your corrupted Windows Operating System.

  1. Run Fix Problem with Windows Update in Control Panel
  2. Update the RST Driver
  3. Register Windows Update Service
  4. Remove Windows Update History and Restart Windows Update Service

Before going to proceed with any written method below, if you are not aware of system setting then let someone else deal with this error else you will end up fully corrupting your system with any small mistakes.

Run Fix Problem with Windows Update in Control Panel

Windows operating system has got a trouble shooter called “Fix Problem with Windows Update” in-built which can be used to deal with any windows related error, so do follow below steps to run this trouble shooter and fix the error.

  • Start your Windows PC or Laptop and click on Start button to open
  • Type Troubleshoot and then open Troubleshooting listed in results
  • Now you will be landed to Control Panel Home
  • Select Fix Problem with Windows Update under System & Security
  • Click Next and let Windows automatically detect the problem in Update service
  • If your error has been fixed, then you will end up seeing a successful message box, else you need to use the next method to fix windows update cannot currently check for updates.

Update RST Driver

If the windows update cannot currently check for updates error is due to Intel Rapid Storage technology driver issue, then you need to update RST driver in Windows, and the update can be done in two ways automatically or manually in the OS.

Manually Update RST Driver

Make sure your connected to internet connection and have got browser to follow the steps given below.

  1. Launch your web browser and visit the official intel website
  2. Here search for recent RST driver for Windows update
  3. Click on to Download this driver and let the file saved in Downloads folder
  4. Run this update driver file in windows and let it apply in windows
  5. Once successfully done, windows will automatically restart the Computer and if the error was due to RST driver corruption, the error message will be removed. Else you can process with next process to get it fixed.

Automatically Update RST Driver

If you are not sure about the driver to download from the official site, then you can easily go on to install Driver Easy software to guide for installation, and this software will automatically detect the error in your Windows device and download the correct variant based on your windows version.

  1. Install Driver Easy software by searching it in Google
  2. Once software is downloaded, launch it open
  3. Click on Scan button shown at top left side of windows
  4. Then click on Scan Now to check your windows entire drivers
  5. In the displayed results click on Update button to update driver to latest one
  6. If Driver Easy asks for the Pro version, then you just copy & paste the default driver form results and search for its latest update in google to download. Once done, you need to restart Windows to get updated mapped inside and to get error removed later.

Register Windows Update Service

It might happen that any .dlls file inside windows has got corrupted and placed incorrectly, then error windows update cannot currently check for updates might occur. Follow the steps below to register Windows Update service and fix this error.

  1. Click Windows + R button to open run box and type ‘services.msc’
  2. Click on Ok to launch the Windows Update Services windows
  3. Scroll down and find “Windows Update” and right click on the same
  4. Select Stop and then Open command prompt as Administrator
  5. For User Account Control Click yes and run below listed command
  6. Run each command and press enter after each to submit
    • regsvr32 wuapi.dll
    • regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
    • regsvr32 wupd.dll
    • regsvr32 wups2.dll
    • regsvr32 wuwebv.dll
    • regsvr32 wucltux.dll
  7. Once submitted, click Ok on pop-up perceived with Successful message
  8. Restart your Windows and the Click Windows + R to launch Windows Service windows
  9. Find the Windows Update button and right click on it to Start it
  10. Again, restart your computer and that’s it, this will surely fix “windows update cannot currently check for updates”

Remove Windows Update History

Many times, the computer history files have caused the windows into corruption and thus deleting them will almost fix the error, and to do so, you need to stop and start the Windows Update option by looking form Method 3 (Register Windows Update Service)

  1. Stop the Windows Update service by referring from Method 3
  2. Once service is stopped, go to C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution
  3. Delete Files under this folder and delete this file permanently
  4. Now Start Windows Update Service by same Method 3 step
  5. Restart Computer once Windows Update is started back

That’s it, by this above mentioned different methods, you and me can fix the error windows update cannot currently check for updates and will now be nowhere visible on your Windows PC or Laptop.

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