Powerwash Chromebook to Complete Reset


Find Powerwash Chromebook options for Hard reset chromebook. Check how to powerwash a chromebook using chrome and on login…

Chromebook can be back working as new again by using the factory reset option available in its settings. Google Chromebook, the most known for their low cost and simple platform to use.

Powerwash Chromebook

Owning a CB might sound great but when the OS stills down it is time for you to Powerwash on Chromebook and if it is your first time doing it then you might find it a lot new. And that is why we have instructed below on the aspects on why to use Powerwash, prerequisite and the actual process as well.

Powerwash Chromebook
Powerwash Chromebook

Why to Powerwash Chromebook?

This is all based on Chrome OS which is not level up as like MacOS or Windows but has very basic and interesting features that help you occasionally utilize the time. In some cases, with heavy load or due to technical glitch the Chromebook frizzed, and the only option left over is powerwash a Chromebook. Also power wash much suggested when you have been using Chromebook for a longer time and need a quick refresh.

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Prerequisite before Powerwash Chromebook

Let us discuss some important points which might required before we start with Chromebook powerwash. Each of these instructions must clearly read, to secure your data.

  • OS File: Chrome OS file and settings initially stored in the cloud with the Gmail account associated with Chromebook. There are some files which stored locally and may permanently deleted with reset.
  • Secure Private files: Chromebook stored the files in Downloads folder and other drives which must be may moved to any external hard disk to secure the files. This may be the very first folder which wiped off during the powerwash process.
  • Google Accounts: All Google Accounts in Chromebook completely removed and the saved password may also deleted. Thus it required to remember or note the password for each account before you go with the powerwash.

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How to Powerwash a Chromebook through Chrome

Here is the process to reset Chromebook through chrome browser which will be quick and easier once you have saved all your files from folders.

  1. Launch the Chrome Browser in your Chromebook
  2. Tap on Menu button and click on vertical dots from top corner
  3. Here move down and click on to open the Settings page
  4. In Settings age, move down to select the Advanced option
  5. Scroll down and then tap on Power Wash option provided at last
  6. Pop-up box with Restart may shown on screen, accept it

Powerwash Chromebook may also done through the Login screen, rather than going to the Chrome browser setting interface. Here are the steps which you can follow about how to reset chromebook from login screen.

How to Powerwash Chromebook through Login

  1. Open your Chromebook and don’t provide your authenticate credentials
  2. Process Shift Ctrl Alt R all four buttons at once from your keypad
  3. Now Reset this chrome Device pop-up shown on screen
  4. Click on Restart and your Chromebook moved for power wash
  5. Once reset Chromebook, your device will be completely new again

Can I powerwash a Chromebook without Password?

Yes, by using the Login screen process the Chromebook moved to power wash without getting your credentials. There is no password require to reset the Chromebook, if you like to go with the login screen reset process.

Can a Managed Chromebook be powerwash?

If provided by any professional institute, school or company then it will be termed as a managed Chromebook with predefined software and setting set. Thus to power wash such a managed Chromebook required to enter the domain details to confirm the action.

How to process hard reset on Chromebook?

To process the hard reset Chromebook, power the device at the very first step. Then start pressing and releasing the refresh button along with continuously tapping on the Power button until the Start back up screen displayed. Now once you release the refresh button, the reset of Chromebook initiated.

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