Gmail Queued Error Fix in 3Methods and Find Queued Meaning in Gmail


Presenting Queued meaning in Gmail and some of the possible reasons to occur and how to fix the Gmail queued issue using 3 possible methods…

Queued Meaning in Gmail

Gmail Queued has mostly seen on Android Devices when you’re trying to send an email. User counter queued meaning in Gmail App, while sending an Email is due to some network issue and app is unable to send the mail. Whenever Queued marked to sent mails, then that particular mail may not deliver and will deliver later.

gmail queued

This probably not marked as an error but some technical issue that may easily solve. Gmail is the most used email platform and there are plenty of options available for users to send their emails in a quick way. You can learn more about the reasons and how you can fix Gmail queuing.

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Gmail Queued Reasons

Here we bring you some reasons why you might encounter the Gmail Queued when you’re trying to send the mails.

  1. Low storage space: Gmail queues are mostly due to when your device is running out of space. The email may stuck in Queued in Gmail, until some free space allocated for the Gmail App to process the request.
  2. App and Server latency: There are certain conditions when the network is not full and that has stopped the Gmail App from working. Thus until the proper connection between the App and server is made, all your emails sent will be listed under Queued queue. These will be only resolved when your device receives enough network connection.
  3. Reached Threshold limit: If your Gmail account got full with sent mails and if memory utilization has reached full. Then this may quite obvious that you are not able to send mails until your Gmail space cleared.

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How to Solve Queued in Gmail

There are few methods which you can follow and avoid getting your mails in Gmail Queued queue. In most cases the issue will be from Gmail, if that is not the case then it is something wrong with your device.

Sync Setting

Enable and Disable Sync in Gmail App does help you to fix the Queued error. Go to the Settings from Accounts option and then select the emails linked in your device. Uncheck on the Sync Gmail box form menu and then check it again to enable the Sync. These will probably clear the issue between the Gmail App and the Gmail linked.

App Cache

the option of clearing the cache of Gmail App will clear most unused space from the device. Thus users can go to Settings and then open Application Manager to select Gmail from all Apps on the device. Now click on Clear Cache to remove the unused space but don’t clear the data, as it will completely wipe your linked emails from the device.

Update Gmail

This may chosen at the very first to just update the Gmail whenever the new updates are available. The update will fix the bugs from the App and will allow Gmail to work seamlessly without any error.

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Will my Email deleted, if in Gmail Queued Status?

The Gmail Queued status may visible when you have sent an email and stuck due to network or device issues. Thus this may deleted, as the email once sent may delivered in quick time or when proper network connection available.

Can I delete the Gmail Queued Mails?

Yes, there are options of delete which may used when your email in queued status. This may done quick, as once network cleared or device space available the email in queued status may delivered.

Does Gmail Queued email may sent to draft?

No, the Gmail queued emails will only deleted or sent. There are no options available to draft the email which are once sent and awaited in queued status.