How to Find IP Address of Printer on Windows, MAC & WiFi Router


Just check about how to find IP address of printer on various devices like Windows, MAC, Command Prompt and WiFi Router. Finding a Printer IP address is easy if you are best aware of system configuration and network settings

There are multiple ways through which one can know their respective IP address of Printer which depends on the option you have. Network access and type of printer are major key points that make a sense in getting the IP address.

As to connect the device to the printer and let it be accessible to get the printed sheets, one should have their printer successfully connected to your Windows or Mac device.

Printer setup and configuration is required to connect it easily to known devices using wireless network. Also, to choose multiple printing options, one should have access to printer connection using IP.

Printer documents received while purchasing will have all details of configuration with multiple OS devices. Reading the user manual will always help you in the best way to get a printer connected using an IP address. Else this article does have different ways which you can opt to get the IP.

Find IP Address of Printer
Find IP Address of Printer

How to Find IP Address of Printer

As said, we do have many types of printers and their respective options to be selected to get their IP noted. Below are ways which you can use for type of device your connecting with to printer.

These are some of the latest printers, which do have a display screen on the printer and heavy size printers do come with a display.

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Find Printer IP Address on Menu Screen on Printer

  1. Switch on your printer and then click on Menu button
  2. Select Setup button and a list of options will be displayed on screen
  3. Now select Network Setup Option using navigation button
  4. Find options as IP address, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi status, Network Status
  5. Now note your respective printer IP address displayed on screen

If you are unable to navigate to proper options by using the above steps or your printer hasn’t got a display on it, then you can choose your windows device to get the IP address, and this is quite simple then the above process as it feels to be a known process.

Find Printer IP Address using Windows Device

  1. Connect Printer using connection cable to Windows PC
  2. Switch on the printer and then click on windows button
  3. Type Device & Printers and launch it to select your connected printer
  4. Right click on Printer properties and find Location box to see Printer IP
  5. Else you need to click on Ports tab under properties and note IP address
  6. Else select Configure Port Button and go to System Info for printer Address
  7. Using any of the ways, you will find the IP address and thus the options to display may vary based on the printer brand you are using.

Majorly for any kind of printer the IP address listed options of Windows Settings, else you can choose to use command prompt to display the IP address of Printer like mentioned as below

How to Find Printer IP address Using Command Prompt

  1. Click on Windows button and type CMD to display command prompt
  2. Now type netstat -r and then enter to get a list of configuration items
  3. Find your Printer name and note IP address written adjacent to it

How to Find Printer IP address MAC

If your using a Mac device, then you may know the options about how to find IP address of Printer on MAC which is different from Windows. So do follow below steps to get the IP of your connected printer found.

  1. Once the printer connected to Mac, switch on the power supply
  2. Now click on System Preference form Menu option to open options
  3. Click on Printer & Fax option to display the new window
  4. Select printer form left side menu to display the printer options
  5. Click on ‘Options & Supplies’ and find here IP address of printer
  6. IP address of printer displayed in gray list next to Location

This is a lengthy process which might help you to get your IP address of Printer from Windows or Mac device.

This process tried on any platform, as we will be accessing the IP address through the router Setting page, and it’s noted that your Printer may connected to Router WiFi network.

How to Find IP address of Printer using Router

  1. Open the Router IP admin page using the default Router IP address
  2. Provide username and password to access the router menu page
  3. Find DHCP client option form Menu or open Local Network section
  4. Options locations many vary based on different router models
  5. Here open the Client list and look for Printer IP address here

As router do notes the properties of connected devices, you will have a fair chance to get the IP address of Printer. The only confusion is to find the correct option, as Menu and display differs for every router.

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Different ways to Configure IP address of Printer

There are different ways, through which one can configure their printer settings. Based on the option selected the configuration of IP address will vary from automatic to manual.

  • Manual: the configuration of printer is fully manual and using this option users will have full authority to enter the IP address of Printer and pass other respective network values.
  • DHCP: when the printer used to setup using the DHCP option, the configuration of printer automatically updated. This also includes the IP address of Printer that lets you free from finding it.

Beside this there are many more methods like EtherTalk and an advanced version of DHCP called BOOTP, which do help in automatic configuration of Printer.

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Why IP address of Printer is required?

To configure printer setting from Windows on Mac device, an IP address is must which allow connection to configuration page.

Does configuration is Printer is Must?

Yes, as you do need to change the printing style of papers from Colour to Black & White and to get proper print of pages based on selected option, configuration is must to be done, and this also helps user to connect printer using WiFi option.

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