Mac Address on iPhone, Find it in 2 Ways on iPhone

Mac Address on iPhone refer to Wi-Fi number. This article covers how to find out the iPhone mac address on device using the 2 ways mentioned and its advantages… Do you have an iPhone device or any other Apple device that you generally use? If yes, then you must know hot to find Mac Address

iPhone Screenshot with or without Home Button and Navigator

Using different options, iPhone users may get their screenshot on the moment, just check the steps for each key mode and follow them to get a screenshot photo on iPhone… iPhone Screenshot A screenshot is always a preferred point of an easy way to capture your screen and save that scene for future, and getting

My iPhone Screen is Black, How to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Is your iPhone is on but screen is black, even when turned on. You might able to hear Ring sound, but won’t able to answer due to iPhone black screen. This is some weird situation, which does happen with the iPhone dark screen, which does require some series of steps to follow. Have you tried

How to Change Email Password on iPhone 9 to 14 Versions

Find about how to change email password on iPhone that uses iOS9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 software versions. Find the simple steps and change the email password in apple device… iPhone is and always an interesting device that has got unique iOS software. The iOS Device is always a better option, if you want

iPhone Transparent – How important for iPhone Users

There have been different iPhone transparent covers out there that have their own vicinity and a delight that the customers have obsessed over due to the reason that these transparent covers are more likely to showcase their fancy device while protecting it on the other hand. If you have an iPhone device then you might

Rename iPhone, Find How to Change iPhone Name Instantly

How to change iPhone name instantly? Simple steps to rename iPhone presented for Apple device users to change name anytime as per requirement… You got yourself a new iPhone which is a perfect device in itself from specs to camera giving you the vibe of fame but there is one thing that could be bugging

iPhone Wallpaper Size to Make Picture Fit for iPhone Screen

iPhone wallpaper size does have various sizes for every model. Here you will get to know about each model with their respective size. It is quite mandatory you choose any picture of yourself or anything which is exact size of your iPhone Wallpaper. The iPhone is far different than an Android device and having an

How to Record Audio on iPhone – Simple Way Identified*

Making about small thing like how to record audio on iPhone gives simple clarity here, Just check the option in step by step to make an audio recording… iPhone is always a tricky deified, if you are trying to use it for the very first time. People do get worry to find the application, even

Visual Voicemail iPhone Setup & Requirements for Apple User

iPhone is always an interesting smartphone which comes with most reliable services with easier options to work on. The iPhone Visual voicemail is such an option that describes you setting a iPhone Voicemail quickly and letting your caller listen to it. Voice mail is always prefer, as your receiver receives your recorded voice to ensure

iPhone Home Button Not Working – Resolve Error in 2 Ways

Resolve iPhone home button not working problem in 2 authenticated ways | Find the step-by-step solution to resolve iPhone Home button issue… iPhone 7 and 8 is the first generation model from Apple which has got a non-moving home button. It is based on a taptic engine which is inside your device. This is only