Rotate Screen iPhone with Control Center or Home Button


Rotate Screen iPhone does have an auto rotate option for the screen, as alike all mobile devices do have. The auto rotate is much required when you’re watching any movie or streaming video from different applications. As well while accessing messages from various messaging platforms, this may require to have iPhone rotate screen to turn off.

Having the Auto Rotate iPhone turn on will make your work easier and quickly allows you to switch the display as per the requirement. Sometimes you might require a steady screen, where you can easily turn off these settings. An iPhone or iPod does bring you an icon in the Control center to use for rotation.

iPhone auto rotate of screen is easier if you know where the option resides, it is obvious that the settings option is different from other Smartphone devices. Here we bring you a process to enable the Auto rotate on apple phone.

Rotate Screen iPhone
Rotate Screen iPhone

Rotate Screen iPhone

  1. Open control Center by swiping down from top right corner of your screen
  2. Tap on Portrait Orientation Lock Button which has icon of Lock
  3. make sure it is off, such that your iPhone screen will be auto rotating

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone with Home Button

Use our Home Screen icon button to switch the iPhone Auto rotate as per your choice and ensure to have the settings to easily customize.

  1. Tap on icon from Home Screen of iPhone to display option
  2. Here find the Auto Rotate option and tap on it to enable
  3. Once enabled switch back with home screen button

Why does my iPhone Auto Rotate Don’t work?

If you have enabled or disabled the Auto Rotate on iPhone, then even if it doesn’t respond. Then there might some issue with the settings to t resolve by having a quick restart of your iPhone device.

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Does iPhone Auto Rotate Change after Restart?

Once the iPhone device restarted, then the settings of devices like Auto rotate and other brightness options moved back to default. This user has to change them again as per their convenience.

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Can iPhone Auto Rotate adjust itself?

Yes, the iPhone Auto Rotate will change the screen as per the video you’re streaming or apparition you’re using. This may automatically done to ensure the full picture to display as per the resolution.

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How to rotate the screen on iPhone 11, 13?

Most of the time, simply using the Control Center lock screen option to switch on and off the screen rotate works. But in case of iPhone 11 or 13 you can even head to settings under screen display to do the same.

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How do I get my iPhone to rotate without swiping?

Simply go to your home screen and then go to the Control Center under which tap on the Rotate on/ off button that will enable your iPhone to rotate without swiping.

How to rotate the screen on iPhone Xr?

Though iPhone XR has the same features, to be able to rotate the screen on iPhone XR you need to go to the control center and enable the screen rotation on or off.

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