How to Make iPhone Louder – 5 Ways to Make Sound

Having your iPhone louder when you’re listening to music openly will actually bring more energy to your entertainment. In most cases, the environmental noises around your device will actually make you hear a lesser voice.

Even the iPhone speaker has got a good bass sound which is more than enough when you have turned it on. There are different ways through which you can make an iPhone Louder either by connecting to Bluetooth speakers or through making some changes from iPhone settings.

Make iPhone Louder
Make iPhone Louder

How to Make iPhone Louder

All the methods might sound new to you if you are trying for the first time right? But don’t worry because we have listed down the iOS Sound Issue resolving methods that can help you make your iPhone louder. Let us discuss some basic things which you might not be checking or enabled and that have lowered your iPhone sound.

Tricks to make Apple Phone Louder

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In a very basic option you can try increasing your iPhone volume too high by long pressing the volume button to reach its top volume mark.

Make iPhone Louder by removing dust

It is obvious that on continuous use of the iPhone, dust gathers at the speaker. Get the dust and dirt cleared from your iPhone Speaker, which might be blocking the voice to get over.

Make iPhone Louder with Music Setting

Here we bring you a quick option that can increase your iPhone sound to extreme with a simple setting trick.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on Music to find the EQ option.
  3. Tap on EQ in the audio section
  4. Scroll down to select Last Night, which will make the Phone Louder with an extreme voice.

Make iPhone Louder with Haptics

IPhone has got a Haptics function which has been included by Apple to reduce Loud Sounds. The minimum 85 decibels is set as default for the iPhone to reduce noise effects. There is an option to set these off which will automatically boost the voice but a warning for high volume will pop-up.

  1. Go to the Settings option form Menu of your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to find Sounds & Haptics option in list
  3. Under Headphone Audio, click on Headphone safety
  4. Now turn off Reduce loud sounds to turn off these

Make iPhone Louder from Glass

This is an uneven way but to increase the sound from your iPhone, then you just need to place the iPhone in a bowl or glass in such a way that the speaker is placed at the open side. These will boost the sound waves from the sides and make the iPhone Louder. The same can be done by placing the iPhone tilt at 45 degree to the wall.

Can I increase the volume on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use your volume rocker button as a base line solution to increase the volume on your iPhone device.

Can I make my iPhone sound louder than max on iPhone?

No, this cannot be done because the highest decibel set for you iPhone would be the maximum sound you can increase your iPhone sound louder to but you can always connect a Bluetooth or other external device to increase the sound much louder on your iPhone in case if that works.

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