Change Name of iPhone Instantly whenever Required


No worry about how to change iPhone name, Here is the simple steps identified to Change name of iPhone. Also check, whether it is visible or not…

iPhone known for its perfectness and security which customers prefer when compare to other competitive devices. The iOS based device always brings unique ways of communication and also set options that sometimes take time to learn.

By default, the iPhone is the name that Apple has already set for their devices connectivity through Wi-Fi, AirDrop, Bluetooth, and other services. It sometimes gets messy when you are around multiple iPhone devices, as each device presents a similar name. Thus it require and also suggest to Change iPhone name with your prefer one.

Change Name of iPhone
Change Name of iPhone

How to Change the Name of Your iPhone

The name of the iPhone may changed by AirDrop, iCloud, Personal Hotspot or while connecting to the Computer. If you want to change your iPhone name, then you can follow the below quick steps.

  1. Click on General and then tap on about option
  2. Next select Name and then Tap on X mark to edit
  3. Enter New Name and tap on done to save new name
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Does the iPhone name change from setting changes at WiFi as well?

The name for the iPhone which has changed from settings will only change your device name. The Wi-Fi name and Bluetooth name will still the same as iPhone, which has to change as per your preference.

Can I change the name of my iPhone any number of times?

The iPhone device Name may set in the device settings, and connectivity may changed anytime. The new name will be instantly visible while connecting with other devices.

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