MAC IP Address Check with Various Networks on Different MAC OS


Do you know how to find your MAC IP address on different Macintosh operating system, now here we present how to find the IP on Mac in different OS versions along with using terminal, wired or wireless network and with connected router, Check each mode to find your IP address on MAC device…

MAC IP Address

If you are connected to a Network using your Mac (Macintosh) device, then it is assigned an IP address which is a four set of digits that are separated by dots and there each digit consists of a maximum of 3 values and the internet address on MAC is used to set up sharing files or network.

IP on the device can be found using the Settings option or by entering the command in the Commands Line processor, and also, the methods of finding internet protocol address on Mac will vary based on your connection type to Wireless or Ethernet.

As your device is connected to an internet connection using Router Wi-Fi, it has got both the external IP address and Local network IP. Local network will be used to establish a file sharing or network setup from another Mac device.

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To configure any device for network configuration, the I P address acts a major rule for connection, and this is uniquely defined for devices based on their model and thus finding them on Mac is a little complicated even. As based on the Mac OS versions the place of residing the internet protocol address on Mac differs.

In this article, we came with a different approach to find the I P address on Mac devices, which can be found using the appropriate method. It is more important to look at I P Address, as not to get confused with other system IPs on the network configuration page.

How to Find IP Address on Mac

This process will end with having your I P Address of the Mac device from the system network configuration screen, and this is the most common process on all Mac devices.

  1. Get your Mac device started and go to Menu
  2. Here select System Preference and then click on the Network option
  3. Now select connection type and your IP address will be displayed on the right side
  4. Note the I P starting with 192, which will act as your Address on Mac.

Find IP Address on Mac OS X using Terminal

Hope you have the IP address using the above GUI process, to ensure that you have got the correct IP. You can choose the Terminal method to get the IP address or even if you haven’t got success from using the GUI process.

  1. Go to Application from Apple Menu and select Utilities
  2. Launch command prompt using the Terminal Option
  3. Type ipconfig| grep inet and press enter to display saved configuration
  4. IP address will at last next to inet and will be starting with 192.*.*. *

Find on Wireless Network

If connected to Wireless network run ipconfig getifaddr en1 to get network output on the terminal

Find on Wired Network

Use ipconfig getifaddr en0 if you connected to a wired network to display IP address

How to Find IP address on Mac OS 10.5

As options on Mac do differ based on their OS versions, the steps to find I P address will also change. Do follow the steps below to get an IP address on Mac OS 10.5 and further newer versions.

  1. Click on Apple Icon and then Select System Preference
  2. Here open Network from Menu and Click on Ethernet displayed on left menu
  3. Else AirPort option for wireless connection made on device
  4. You can see IP address, Subnet Mask and Router IP here
  5. This IP is referred as IP address of Mac displayed on this page

How to Find IP address on Mac OS 10.4

The steps below need to be followed for Mac Devices which hold their version 10.4 and below. Option to display the internet protocol of the device will be little varying from new versions of Mac.

  1. Open System Preference from Apple Menu
  2. Launch Network from Internet & Network option shown in Menu
  3. Now click on the Built-In Ethernet option and click on Configure button
  4. Here select TCP/IP option to display IP’s connected on Mac Device
  5. IP shown next to IP address will be the Device IP address

Find External IP address on Mac Using Router

In this process you will come across to find the external IP address of Mac device. As your Mac device is connected to Router, you will have an option under router configuration page to find the Mac internet protocol address. Proceed to follow the steps below and know the external address on Mac.

  1. Launch your Router web interface page using Router default IP address
  2. Use Either or or to access the Admin page
  3. Once you’re inside the Router Admin Page, go to check the Internet Port option
  4. Under Router Status, you will see multiple IP’s displayed on the screen
  5. Check Mac Address under WAN to note your Mac External address.
  1. How to Hide IP Address on Apple’s MAC device?

    You can hide your real IP address of Mac device either by using a proxy server setting or by using Virtual Private Network for connection.

  2. Can a Device be identified by using Mac Address?

    A Media Access Control Address has a specific network adapter that identifies it. Users need to supply a range of IP addresses and click search button to find out Mac address form a range of IPs.

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