How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently / Temporarily

Let you know how to delete Instagram account on different requirements for temporarily or permanently, Check the step by step process to delete Instagram account on your devices and find whether it is recoverable or not…

Completely deleting your Instagram Account will get all your activity connection and activities through this account to be removed permanently, and also Comments, Likes, photos, Videos and your follower will be completely removed from the Instagram Account.

How to Delete Instagram Account
How to Delete Instagram Account

This process of deleting an Instagram Account is nowhere a recoverable process, thus if you want to get an account removed you may need to think twice and confirm, and make sure you have got the password for the Instagram Account that you want to delete from your MAC or Android, else you won’t be able to proceed further.

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Deleting an Instagram Account will only be done through the website page of Instagram Account and this can’t be done from your mobile application, So use your computer browser or mobile browser for this deletion process permanently as follows.

How to Delete Instagram Account

  1. Now visit the Instagram website using
  2. Login with your credential by passing your username and password
  3. Go to Delete your Account page or search in Google to visit directly
  4. Select an option from drop down for reason of deleting Instagram
  5. Next pass your password as this is required to delete any account
  6. Then click on Permanently Delete My Account from bottom of page
  7. This will check your password and once confirmed, your Instagram Account will be deleted.
  8. Once done, you will be automatically taken to the homepage of Instagram.

In case if you’re planning to delete your Instagram Account for a time (temporarily) and will be back soon, then you can follow these steps to get the Instagram Account deleted temporarily which won’t get your data deleted on your account.

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How to Delete Instagram Account Temporarily

  1. Visit the Instagram website page from your browser
  2. Login with your Instagram Account credentials to visit your page
  3. Click on Edit Profile option from top corner beside your username
  4. Here if you scroll down, you can find option for Temporarily Disable my account
  5. Click on this option to visit the Disable your account page
  6. Here selects the option form drop down as you suggest
  7. Next pass the password to confirm your identity as it is you
  8. At the end, click on Temporarily Disable Account to continue

That’s it, this option will lock your account temporarily and will keep all your data safe until your login is back, You can use the same credentials to login and your account to be unlocked automatically.

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  1. How to remove Instagram Application permanently from my device?

    Removing an Instagram application from your device is a part of uninstallation of the program, If you're using a Mac device, you can hold the application until it starts shaking and then select the cross mark to get it removed from the device.

    If you're using an Android device then you can press hold until options get displayed, select App Info form the list and then select to uninstall the Instagram App to remove it permanently.

  2. How Long will it take to Delete Instagram Account?

    Once you have followed the process to delete the Instagram Account completely, your account will be active at back end for 30 days, and once this period is done, your account will be completely deleted, and your username will be no more visible in Instagram.

  3. How to Deactivate my Instagram Account?

    The deactivate of Instagram account is like temporarily disable account, and thus, if you want to deactivate your Instagram account, then you can follow the Temporarily Disable my account steps to get rid of Instagram for a time period fixed by you.

  4. Can I Deactivate my Instagram Account from Application?

    Yes, the de active process of Instagram accounts can be done using the Instagram Application using the Edit Profile option and Temporarily Disable my account.