How to Delete Spotify Account Subscription & History


Do you want to delete spotify premium or free account subscription and the history without email, So, just check how to delete spotify account and also check Can we delete temporarily or permanently, What are the things need to understand before deleting and how to delete spotify app and how to recover if required…

Love listening to music but using Spotify is not your cup of tea anymore then you are precisely correct about deleting your account, and even precise to land on this article, because 99networks will show you how to delete your Spotify account permanently as well. It has become a huge trend all across the world with music from all corners streaming in and users have the authority to not just listen to music into their own ears.

But they can create playlists and share with people, to get following and let others listen to your curated playlist of music, but after your free trial ends you have to pay for the service full on and sometimes it’s not worth the buck you spend for some who rarely listen to music anyways.

Delete Spotify Account
Delete Spotify Account

How to Delete Spotify Account

  1. Go to from any of the browser and then login with your account details
  2. Click on your “Account” option from the My Profile menu
  3. Then click on the “Manage Plan” option and under it click on “Change or Cancel” option
  4. Click on “Cancel Premium under “Change Plans” page
  5. Press “Yes, Cancel” option
  6. Delete Account: Since you have cancelled your active subscription, now it is time for you to delete the account.
  7. Open this Spotify support page with your account logged in
  8. Click on “Account” button and after that select “I want to close my account permanently” option
  9. Next click on “Close Account” button and again on the next page confirm by clicking on “Close Account”
  10. Tap Continue button at the bottom of the page
  11. Select “I understand, and still want to close my account”
  12. Click on “Continue” option again
  13. Now you will receive an email confirmation to you registered email address
  14. Click on the link received
  15. On the page opened on email, click on the “Close My Account” for final deletion of your Spotify account

With this above simple process, you may successfully deleted your Spotify account. You can never bother to lookup for music and stream the same things. Moreover you would save some bucks over the account subscription as well.

Things you need to Understand before Delete Spotify Account

If you are going to delete your spotify account, then there are things that you should look into before you continue. Because this seems like a huge step if you have been using the app for sometime now.

Username Issue: Spotify users use the username to the next level. Once you delete an account you will not be able to use the same username again.

Delete Issue: If you want to delete your spotify account, then you can only do that via an online browser. You cannot delete the account from any console or mobile application as well.

Lose Followers: If you have been a diehard user of Spotify then you might have got some followers. Along the way and once you delete your account, you will lose all the followers as well.

Account Information: You can register via the same email address, phone number and even the contact information as well. But not the same username.

We all know that sometimes some of our preferences and choices in life become an addiction. Sometimes they come with a big price. One such example here is the Spotify which might put you through a continuous music streaming world. Also you have to pay for the account which becomes one big hassle. If you are looking forward deleting your account, follow the instructions which are going to same for all other platforms.

Cancel Account And Cancel Subscription – You have to cancel the account subscription before delete the account. Else it will not accepted.


  1. How do I delete my free Spotify Account?

    There is no different method to delete a free spotify account which is under the free trial period and an account which is a premium one. Both have the same method of account deletion, which we have instructed you above.

  2. How to delete Spotify App?

    You can follow the same process of removing or uninstalling any app from your Android or iPhone to delete the spotify app as well. But remember that, deleting the app is different from deleting the spotify account. If you in case just delete the app from your phone and then not delete the spotify account then you might be charged for the account subscription, which you should take care of.

  3. Can Spotify Delete my Account automatically?

    No, Spotify itself cannot delete your account and you cannot ask them to delete because this is your authority and privacy that the company cannot take charge on. Make sure you delete your own account and always remember that even the Spotify support staff will not delete the account for you but they will provide you with help and articles that can guide you to delete the account yourself.

  4. Is Cancelling different from Deleting Spotify Account?

    Yes, cancelling a spotify account is a different action than deleting your spotify account. And if you are going to delete your account, then first you have to make sure that you have cancelled your account. It means that all the active account subscriptions should be cancelled first and then you have to delete the account.

  5. Can I Recover My Spotify Account after Deleting?

    Yes, you can again create an account from scratch with the same email address and the phone number. But remember that you will not have the same account settings and options which you have made for your previous account. It means all the preferences, selections and playlists of all kinds will be gone when you come up again with a new account for same details.

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