How to Delete Multiple Contacts on an iPhone


How to delete multiple contacts on a iPhone from various methods. This article covers delete contacts from iPhone through contact list, iCloud and accessibility, Groups App…

iPhone is an interesting device which does have multiple options which are far easier to operate if you know them better. The iOS device phone does have an easy accessibility to its iCloud which allows a user to manage everything without touching their iPhone. Thus in case of removing the contacts you can just access the iTunes store or iCloud website with the iPhone login credentials.

There are options that can be used in all ways to multiple contacts or duplicate contacts to be removed from the iPhone in quick time. As many find it difficult, as the options and selection process directly from iPhone Contacts is seriously hard. It is always preferred to take backup of contacts before deleting them from your device.

Delete Multiple Contacts
Delete Multiple Contacts

Requirements to Delete Multiple Contacts from an iPhone

Here are some prerequisites that you need to have if you want to delete the contacts in multiple numbers.


Make sure you get the iTunes update with the latest version available
You must get your iCloud Contacts Sync to On and enabled
Having a good interest connection to connect to iTunes

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

Here is an easy way that will help you get your multiple contacts from iPhone may get delete in quick time. Below are some methods which you can use as per your choice.

Method 1 – Delete Contacts on iPhone Using iCloud

These methods need to take up only if you have got a good internet connection and as well your Contacts Sync is enabled for iCloud.

  1. Visit the official website of iCloud from your PC or Mac browser
  2. Enter your Apple ID username and password here to access the iCloud page
  3. Now go to Contacts icon and then click on to show entire contact list
  4. Here select the contacts which you can delete by using CTRL Shift button
  5. Now click on delete button from keyboard and wait for it to work

That’s it! This will delete multiple contacts from your iPhone. You can remove entire contacts using the iCloud and the same can replicate your iPhone.

Method 2 – Delete Contacts on iPhone Using Groups App

If you have not enabled your iCloud to ON, then you can also use Groups Apps to get your multiple contacts from iPhone deleted.

  1. Visit the App Store and get the Groups App installed in your iPhone device
  2. Now launch the Groups App and then grant the access to you contacts
  3. Once you get it access, click on All Contacts from the Groups List
  4. Now tap on the contacts that you want to date to get a mark on them
  5. Use the delete button from pop-up menu and wait for a while
  6. Here click on remove from my iPhone to completely remove them

That’s it! the Remove button will get your selected list from the iPhone and you will be free from unwanted or duplicate contacts that you have selected to delete.

You can refer to iPhone related information on how to find Mac Address on iPhone

You can also refer to apple support site to get more detailed information.

Can I delete the entire contact list from my iPhone?

Yes, it is your choice to delete a few contacts or entire list of contacts from iPhone. Using any of the above given processes will be best for you to get the entire list deleted from the iPhone. As well to remove entire contacts you can as well use direct option from iPhone without going to iCloud or any other app.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts from iPhone?

If you have found that there are multiple entries of the same contacts in your iPhone. Then you can get an merge contact application from the App store to get all your duplicate contacts removed. The merge contact App will remove the duplicate and will ensure that your iPhone does have only one copy by matching the name or mobile number as selected.

Can I retrieve the delete Contacts from iPhone?

No, if you have selected to remove the contacts then it will be forever deleted from your iPhone. In case you’re using an iCloud account and it has got backup enabled. Then you will be lucky as the iCloud backup of iPhone will surely get the contacts list backup. Which you can use to retrieve your deleted contacts to your iPhone back.

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