Free Cloud Storage and Best Cloud Services for Photos


Best free cloud storage available at free in online with limited storage on web upto 1TB, Get instant free cloud storage and check whether google drive and dropbox allowed without login and what is mega free cloud storage…

Are you a user who loves to take vivid photos, videos and have lots of data on your phone that will sometime reach the peak of your phone storage, then you should be looking out there for a good cloud storage service and moreover finding a free on top of that would be like cherry toppings, right?

Cloud Storage began its revolution in the year 2005 when all the brands and companies all across the world started to use the new revolution in order to make customers, storage more data and make things easier for everyone all across the world.

Free Cloud Storage Solution
Free Cloud Storage Solution

Now the term Cloud is practically something that can store any sort of Data to code and help a consumer store their files, data, movies and photos. While for a Business like Netflix there are best free cloud storage services which help to store lots of data online including movies which range from 1 TB to 10000 TB in total as well.

Now a days all the users who have Internet access have moved to the idea of using good cloud storage platforms in order to make sure they have continuous connection to them, while business and different companies have started using them to store files, data and codes for their business to run all across the world.

Free Cloud Storage

Before we get into the list of awesome cloud storage services which are obviously free to use, 99networks would like to explain why it is really a good option to use the cloud storage online and how it can impact not just your personal life in a good way but help your professional carrier as well.

  1. Smaller Phone Storage: We all have phones but the Internal storage will come to the peak at one point. At such time, we can start uploading the data like videos, photos and files online to save space.
  2. Access Anytime: Cloud storage is 24/7 Mill. This means it is accessible all the time across for any user with a registered account and an Internet connection. If you want to access photo or file or a video, simply open cloud storage app and access it right away.
  3. Privacy: Sometimes there are important documents and files which are very confidential to you and having them on laptop, computer or phones is very vulnerable as well. So, use cloud storage services to upload such files and make sure that no one bats an eye on them other than you.
  4. Security: Now the online cloud storage services are really awesome with great security and firewall to protect your files of any kind from account hacks or anything else. But I would advise you to have a strong password set and it will be all good.
  5. Separate Interface: All the cloud storage services have created epic UI which is good user interface for users to add their files and remove them easily.
  6. Sharing Options: Files and data of any kind that have been added to the cloud storage can be accessed when the sharing options have been enabled. Assume you have a document on Google then you can share a file to someone via email and they can access it, edit it from online.
  7. Cross Platform & Cross Device: Cross platform means that one file saved in a one cloud storage service can be accessed from any platform or any device as well. It means that if you have a google document then you can open it from either Android, IOS or laptop as well.

Best Free Cloud Storage

Si.NoCloud SolutionStorage Available
1Google Drive15GB
2Media Fire10GB
5Drop Box2GB
9Amazon Drive5GB
10Next Cloud

Best Free Cloud Storage Services for Photos, Videos and Data

We took sometime to review few of the best cloud storage platforms and services all across the world. We think would be a good fit for you.

Google Drive

  • Online best cloud storage first pioneered by Google and the advent of Google Drive which people usually call as GDrive. This has been a huge success not just for the business but people are loving it everyday of their live.
  • Google Drive is now integrated and synced with all the smartphone applications, messaging services and website online. You can storage files, data and more all into one place for ease of access. If you register your Google account then you will receive 15 GB of free cloud storage right away.


  • DropBox is a standalone online free cloud storage service which might not be your first choice but it is well known to be the most secure and privacy-based cloud storage service in the world. If you create an account you will receive 2 GB of free cloud storage.
  • One of the best features is that you can sync your phone with cloud storage. And any of your phone data, files, videos or photos are lost then you can access the DropBox to restore them right away.


  • Microsoft is well known to craft some of the best platforms for users and public. In the same context they have made OneDrive which provides 5GB of free storage service.
  • It is a cross device and cross platform service through which you can connect your account from one device and store files. While at the same time you can access the same account from some other platform or device as well.


  • There are many people who do not know that Amazon has also started their own cloud storage services. It is called as Amazon Web services. But this is different from the Amazon drive which is standalone free cloud storage platform by Amazon which any one can register for free through their Amazon account directly.
  • When you first register your account, you will receive 5 GB of cloud storage. This may synced with your phone. Moreover they have released their web interface and the best free cloud storage app for different platforms. It is all to access the files, data, photos and videos right away.

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