GoDaddy Webmail Login by Direct and Microsoft 365


Easily manage your employees and clients with a hosting Email service of GoDaddy webmail login with a custom domain called Webmail. Just check the complete process for How to do GoDaddy Webmail registration followed by Godaddy webmail login process with Microsoft 365…

GoDaddy is the worlds largest products and service provider in terms of Domain and it stands as one of the largest domain name registrar.

GoDaddy brings hosting, website management, DNS management, Email Hosting and more. Along with all these different services it brings GoDaddy webmail which is a hosting email service which used to receive or send emails with a custom domain.

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GoDaddy Webmail Login
GoDaddy Webmail Login

GoDaddy Webmail

Users can access their emails from Android or iOS or Windows desktop through having a professional email setup. GoDaddy Webmail makes it easy for you to create your own domain specific email address for your employees and clients as required.

So learn through this guide on how simple and easy it is to set up and create GoDaddy webmail and learn the login process as well.

GoDaddy Web Mail Registration

Before you continue on to setting up a GoDaddy email account, you will need to have a GoDaddy account with a domain registered to be able to create an email account using that domain as shown in the steps below.

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account with your account id and password details
  2. Under Accounts tap on My Products and then find and click on Set up an email account option
  3. Choose the subscription type based on your email use and number of emails to be created
  4. Complete the purchase and then you will need to select the domain from the list and tap on continue to which you want to create an email account for
  5. Setup your email with the username, first name, last name, Link domain, password and then select to send the login details to any other email if required
  6. Then click on create button and your email account will be created for the selected domain
  7. Finally tap on Sign in to email button and you can login to your account

GoDaddy WebMail Login

Once you create your GoDaddy WebMail which is an email account, you need to able to login to use it. The below steps will help you understand how easy and simple it is to login to GoDaddy WebMail.

Direct OutLook Login

As you know GoDaddy WebMail is based on the Microsoft 365 which creates the Outlook as Inbox service provider. So if you already have your email account id and password then simply login to your account through OutLook.

  1. Go to OutLook official portal and click on Sign In button
  2. Enter your email address and password, then click on Sign In button
  3. You will able to log into your GoDaddy WebMail

Microsoft 365 Login

  1. Go to your GoDaddy account and click on My Products under Account
  2. Click on the Domain and under it you will find Email and click on it
  3. You will now find the email accounts created and click on the email account
  4. It will redirect you to GoDaddy Workspace WebMail login page
  5. You can simply login with the email account id and password here which will redirect you to Microsoft 365 account for your GoDaddy Webmail
  6. Click on the OutLook icon and will log you into your GoDaddy WebMail through OutLook

What is GoDaddy workspace login means ?

GoDaddy WebMail is the workspace email account which is a Microsoft 365 service and your WebMail can access via OutLook as Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft product and OutLook is their email inbox service.

Explain Godaddy email pricing ?

The GoDaddy email pricings differs for individual or team based plans because each email costs different. In case of individuals it is better to take individual email plan subscription. Whereas for companies, small business or enterprises or others then it is better to take the team email plan subscription.

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