BSNL Wings Internet Telephone Booking & Activation Online


Next Generation Network business phone BSNL Wings Registration available in online with new plan. Check how to download BSNL Wings App with new service configuration steps for unlimited internet calling…

Now, any network SIM card not required for voice or video calls. Just use free VOIP phone service Wings and make unlimited free voice calls to any network or video call from anywhere in the world and also roaming services not required within India or Internationally.

For this new Internet telephone service, BSNL  introduces special discount offer for working Government employees and also other discounts for Students and existing landline or BSNL broadband users, and BSNL Wings facilitates Internet Telephone services through Mobile/Laptop using any network’s Internet connection, and also this new free VOIP phone service is ready to integrate with WhatsApp.

Wings Internet Telephony is an “APP” based calling service provided by B.S.N.L allows a customer to initiate/receive VoIP calls within and outside the network either from his PC/Laptop or mobile, The new best VOIP service works on Windows, Android, IOS platforms and can register on any device of customer’s choice.

With this new service, a customer can make calls to any landline, mobile or Wings number and LFMT (Limited FMT) numbers, and this IP telephone uses the packet switching technology and makes communication possible over IP networks such as the Internet without a SIM card and for this, there is no requirement of BSNL services like broadband, landline or Mobile data services to use the internet telephone. Just active any one’s data facility in your wireless device and use internet telephone services.

BSNL Wings
BSNL Wings

Advantages of BSNL Wings Service

  • No SIM Required.
  • Video and voice calling facility with Audio conferencing.
  • One year free calling to any network in India.
  • Calling Facility in any Wi-Fi Zone.
  • National and International roaming facility.
  • Can use on any free internet telephone app / free SIP soft clients and on any operator’s internet connection.
  • The only internet telephone service provider will give better voice quality where mobile signals are poor such as high rise buildings or peripheral areas or deep indoors.
  • The large phonebook, recording, logging and other features of a Smartphone should utilize for making or receiving landline calls too.
  • The Android or iOS applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger are also offering voice calls using data service, but these all restricted to connect with the same Apps only in between two persons, But Wings internet telephone services allows to call to any network number using internet of any operator and B.S.N.L is the only internet telephone service provider offers best VOIP service with special feature to customer in India.

BSNL Wings Booking

Online Registration

  1. Registrations for high class business phone service started in online and applicable for all.
  2. Login to and register with your mobile number.
  3. Enter your all credentials line name, date of birth and address details as per your Aadhaar number.
  4. Customer inputs on a Mobile number and email ID are mandatory.
  5. You will get BSNL payment registration link for demand note payment towards Wings free voip phone service connection.
  6. After successful payment, Order generates as per waiting list and send to concerned nodal officer to release the work order.

Offline Application

  • Approach BSNL customer care center along with your Aadhaar number and ask to apply for Wings new connection.
  • Customer care executive will take your biometrics along with your Email ID and Phone number on a prescribed format.
  • issues Demand Note similarly to Landline order request, Post Demand note payment, the order is submitted and send your details to your EMail id.

Application Processing

  • As per the details in BSNL database with selected and required facilities by a customer, The order for IP telephone gets completed through BSNL auto provisioning implemented in the normal Flow (There is no Outdoor, MDF, LMG task involved in this flow).
  • Upon completion of Wings service work order generates a unique PIN and it is communicated to you via email along with NGN portal URL for self-registration.

Registered customers of best VOIP service for home or business were waitlisted and provides BSNL wings immediately on priority basis from 25.07.2018.

BSNL Wings Plan

Attractive tariff for internet telephone is announced on PAN India basis. There is no fixed monthly charges and one year free calling to any network in India. National and International roaming facility is available on this freevoip phone service.

ParticularsBSNL Wings IP Telephone Service Tariff
Registration charges (One Time)Rs 1099
Monthly ChargesNIL
Installation / Activation ChargesNIL
ISD Deposit for Outside INDIA Territory CallingRs 2000
Voice Call ChargesLocal / STD free voice calls to any network for One year in India
  • All ISD (International) calls from India are as per the landline tariff (MOU).
  • Call Charges for Wings customer calling from outside India (International Location) to any Indian network will charge at Rs.1.2 per minute.

बीएसएनएल विंग्स सबसे अच्छा ऑफर

The following is the list of offers for various categories to subscribe for BSNL Wings service under discount scheme.

Wings Regular Offer

Calls diverted from BSNL prepaid and postpaid mobiles of any circle to any BSNL Wings of same or other circles to be on zero charge basis, and an additional package for monthly rental of Rs 98 per month for minimum contract period of 3 months for which the connection can be surrendered from 4th month onwards.

Promotional Offer

Promotional Offer ForBSNL Wings Charges
Govt. and PSU officers/officialRs. 599 + GST as one time registration charges in place of Rs. 1099 + GST (Other charges as per existing tariff plan)
Existing BSNL landline CustomersNo charges for initial 2 Months. Thereafter, Rs 1099 + GST to be paid as one time registration charge (Other charges as per existing tariff plan)
For Students (Studying) with valid ID card20% rebate on Rs. 1099 + GST (one time registration charge) (Other charges as per existing tariff plan)

Offer to BSNL Employees

The competent authority of BSNL has approved the special discounted tariff for BSNL employees for familiarization and promotion of WINGS Internet telephone service at just Rs 250 instead of Rs 1099 as annual charges provided with ISD facility, but where this special WINGS connection will be allowed as ONE only to each employee, and this new offer is available on PAN India basis.

Is BSNL Wings Free?

Yes, BSNL offers one month free subscription as a trial period, you may use free nationally for all voice and video calls.

Can BSNL Wings App necessary to make a call from the service?

You can use any SIP based client applications to use BSNL Wings service nationally or internationally.

What is VoIP or SIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, this is the open–standard set of protocols for the packet technology utilized in this Value Added Service (VAS).

Does it need GSM connectivity like 3G/4G?

No, there is no need to have a SIM or GSM connectivity for availing this BSNL Wings service, the customer just needs active internet connection from any operator or through WiFi.

Does BSNL support Windows phone?

Yes, BSNL Wings support Android, IOS, and Windows too.

Will BSNL Wings work with a feature phone?

No, since it is APP based application, and It requires a Smartphone, in order to download free voip phone service “SIP soft client”.

What is BSNL Wings APK?

Like 3G and 4G services, there is no requirement of APK to install manually or through online, Just download BSNL wings app and use unlimited calling services.

Does Wings work with Smartphone having SIM of the other service providers?

Yes, BSNL Wings will work independently, and Any smartphone having others SIM can also configure with BSNL Wings IP telephone facility.

Can more than one BSNL Wings number register in one Smartphone?

Yes, more than one number of connection can register on a single device for BSNL Wings by using different SIP client applications and this service will treat as best small business phone system.

Can Wings work in any WiFi device like laptop or Phablet?

Yes, this business phone service Wings can work from any type of smart WiFi calling devices like a laptop, Phablet, which can download the soft client.

Is there any similar service to Wings provided by any other telecom service provider in India?

Presently, this is a unique service provided by BSNL only.

Will there be a separate bill for BSNL Wings service?

Yes, at present it is a promotional offer of One year free calling to any network in India available as a best voip service for home or business, and after one year, as per the tariff bills were issued for extension.

Will it work outside the buildings near home/office?

Yes, as long as it is within the range of a WiFi or there exists an active mobile data connection, this free voip phone service may extend indoors as well as outdoor.

What is the BSNL Wings Internet telephone number pattern?

10 digit BSNL wings number (NGN switch) should allot to a customer without a SIM, Voice and Video calling facility available on this number, Also, multiple BSNL wings internet telephones can register on a single device using different SIP Client/Calling APPs.

What are the charges for outgoing calls from Wings?

Call charges are Free to any network for One year in India, but the International calls charged as per existing Landline Tariffs(MOU basis).

What are the charges for incoming calls?

There are no separate call charges for incoming calls in this best voip service.

What is the difference between already available LFMT and the new BSNL Wings Service

With LFMT, a subscriber can receive and originate calls through the APP installed in his smartphone connected on WiFi to his BSNL broadband modem (within WI-FI range) or through BSNL WiFi hotspots, It restricts to BSNL data service (broadband, ILL, etc.) as the path for the VoIP data packets.

Whereas, Wing’s subscriber can use the internet connection from any operator’s 3G/4G/Broadband internet/Free Wi-Fi Hotspot to receive and originate his fixed line calls through the APP.

How BSNL Wings different from voice calling on Other SIP based APPs?

In SIP based APPs, the called party should be online on the APP at the time of calling. Calls can make only to customers using the same APP, but not to any landline or mobile number. Whereas in Wings internet telephones, a customer can make/receive calls from any other wings as well as without Wings numbers like NGN, Mobile, ISD, NLD, LFMT numbers whether BSNL or others.

So, the customers it’s now your turn to register for BSNL Internet telephony service at customer service centers, or in online, Be an early bird to use Wings service on your mobile, Phablet, Laptop or in Desktop, Also if you are in a business, try to create BSNL Wings as your best small business phone system in your gadgets.

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