BSNL PUK Code To Unlock Your Blocked Mobile SIM Card and Security


What is BSNL PUK Code? A security feature is known as SIM card Personal Unlocking Key, and it is a unique number applicable to your SIM card to protect all the data with a PIN called BSNL PUK code, now check how to find PUK with/without SIM or mobile number.


PUK differs for each SIM card on every mobile network, BSNL PUK code consists of eight digits for each mobile SIM card, and it is the only key to unlock the blocked BSNL SIM card through customer care number of BSNL or direct approach at CSC, where activating SIM lock or SIM security in mobile and entering of incorrect Personal Identification Number (PIN) leads to PUK blocked and asks to enter the code to release the SIM.

Mobile management is a task for some and a simple thing for others, but managing security is a good thing, Many of the mobile customers are searching BSNL PUK Code issues and the following related issues, Let us have a look at all of them with the resolves about How to unlock blocked PUK code of BSNL mobile, Where we find the BSNL PUK number and how to avoid the frequent SIM lock of BSNL?


BSNL PUK Code Blocked Solutions

To resolve all the obstacles, we provide all the information correlated in the form of Frequently Asked Questions with suitable solutions as below, Check the info and find the answer for anything related to your BSNL SIM PUK problem.

How much time will it take to unlock PUK blocked BSNL mobile?

  • If you have BSNL PUK code can release the blocked status within 20seconds by the said procedure.

Any charges applicable to get BSNL PUK code?

  • At present, this is a free service, and you may ask CSC or customer care for BSNL SIM PUK code.

Whether the process is different for PUK Code BSNL Postpaid SIM and Prepaid service?

  • The process to know BSNL SIM PUK code is standard, whether it is prepaid or postpaid service. The security (PUK) is available for only SIM card, but not applicable to service.

Is there any way to get BSNL PUK Code SMS?

  • No, at present it is not available, and we will update if launched.

BSNL PUK Code 2017 is different to 2016 or old

  • PUK Number BSNL mobile does not differ for the year to year, and it changes when SIM card replaced. One SIM has one BSNL PUK number only.

How to get BSNL PUK Code without SIM number?

In what cases does a customer like you and me requires BSNL PUK number without SIM number?

  1. We do not have the SIM with us currently, but blocked at our friends or family members.
  2. When we were reinserting the BSNL SIM card in various mobiles, the mobile SIM card number will erase after some days.
    • In both the cases, you must approach BSNL customer service center and request them to verify the old SIM number, or request them to search your SIm PUK with mobile number, then BSNL CSC staff will examine in their database with query by inserting mobile number.
    • Majority of the chances, CSC staff, will obtain the SIM number by inserting mobile number, In some cases, the mobile numbers which activated before the process of online will have 50% chance only.
    • In this situation, the customer has no chance to get PUK without SIM number, must surely opt for replacement SIM option.

Any BSNL PUK code generator available on the market?

  1. As of date, there is no PUK code generator software’s available in the market for free download or purchase. BSNL PUK number is a free service offered to their customers by the mobile operator.

Can we have any chance to obtain BSNL PUK Number Online?

  1. There is no way to get Personal Unlocking Key in online, because it is a high security, so it is not allowed to provide BSNL PUK number online at any cost. If when requires customer must approach CSC or Customer care.
  2. Some of the authorized agencies are intimating about the availability of BSNL PUK number online, but this is total trash. Please be aware of that news, approach CSC or contact at Customer care representative to know BSNL PUK Code.

How many times will it allow to enter the PIN before blocking BSNL Mobile SIM card?

  • A maximum of 3 attempts will allow entering the correct PIN in mobile screen. If it misdials, then it will block and permits to enter BSNL PUK number.

How many attempts allowed to release BSNL PUK code?

  • After PUK blocked in BSNL mobile SIM card, a maximum of Ten times in a row will allow for BSNL PUK unlock. If it exceeds more than that, the card will permanently block, and shows as SIM registration failed.

How to Get PUK Code for BSNL Mobile?

  • There are two sources to find the PUK code
  1. Dial BSNL customer care, they will ask your 19 digit SIM number available on the backside of BSNL SIM card, inform that and get your BSNL PUK number.
  2. Approach BSNL Customer Service Centre (CSC) or Franchisee and ask them to check your SIM PUK code by apprising the 19 digit SIM card number.

How to unlock PUK code in BSNL Mobile?

The Personal Unlocking Key process is straightforward and simple, just follow the preceding two sources to get BSNL PUK code number and proceed with the below to unlock the same in mobile.

  1. Open your mobile screen.
  2. You will be shown an error SIM card locked, enter PUK.
  3. Enter your SIM card PUK in the desired field which you have obtained with the above process.
  4. Click on OK
  5. Your next screen will open to enter your new SIM card PIN and click OK.
  6. Next screen will open for you to enter the new SIM card PIN to confirm it.
  7. Immediately you BSNL SIM card will be unblocked from the old status to use the services as usual.

What is the BSNL PIN number after entering PUK number?

  • It will decide as per your wish. Many users can use the default BSNL PIN number like 0000 or 1111 after enters PUK code. You can insert any four digits as per your preference by confirming the same BSNL PIN number at the second time also.

What to do if BSNL PUK number asks whenever we Switch Off and Power On the mobile?
Many of the users are suffering from this problem, for this, the only cause is activating Security PIN Code on your BSNL mobile phone.

  1. Nowadays, all our children below 3years are also playing games and watching videos on youtube on mobiles, but they don’t know how to manage the settings. They can even lock the security settings with a click on the options. At that time if they activate PIN or security and tries to unlock with another immediately it blocks the SIM card and asks BSNL PUK code.
  2. After getting the PUK number with the above-said process and even unblocked, it blocks again when mobile Switch Off/On. It is due to activation of SIM security or PIN Code Request.
  3. We provide you the process in various mobiles about how to deactivate this PIN Code request option on your BSNL SIM card.

First, let us take a feature phone.

  1. Open Menu and click on Settings
  2. Go to Security settings
  3. Click PIN Code Request
  4. Enter the PIN which you have kept (default Security PIN is 0000).
  5. Immediately your SIM security will automatically go into OFF mode.
  6. How to disable BSNL SIM security code on Android 7 and above Mobiles?

How to disable SIM security on Android 7 and above versions?

Have a look at the process to deactivate BSNL SIM security to avoid repeated blocking.

  1. Open your mobile and Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Lock Screen and security.
  3. Click on Other Security Settings
  4. Select Set up SIM card lock
  5. Click on ON Status to OFF the SIM Card Lock
  6. Enter the PIN which you have entered at the time of releasing the PUK.
  7. Immediately your lock status will disappear and goes to OFF status

How to unblock BSNL PUK code in iPhone

  1. Open your iPhone screen
  2. Enter the PUK code which you have obtained from the operator (follow the process mentioned above to obtain PUK) and click OK.
  3. Type New PIN as per your desire. It is four-digit PIN code only and clicks OK.
  4. Confirm the same New PIN in next screen and click OK.
  5. Immediately, your BSNL SIM card will unblock and shows you the standard state. When you On the SIM PIN, you will ask the PUK code repeatedly when power OFF and ON. For that, follow the below to OFF the SIM PIN lock in iPhone.

How to unlock BSNL SIM PIN (security) in iPhone

  1. Open Settings, then Phone.
  2. Click SIM PIN
  3. Select Radio button indicates green (ON condition)
  4. Enter the PIN which you created at the stage when unlocking PUK code.
  5. Immediately it changes to OFF mode shows in the fourth image.

With all the above FAQs and BSNL SIM blocked solution, now you may know the process to disable SIM security and also how to Unlock BSNL PUK code. If you have anything more to ask on this BSNL PUK Unlock, please post us, we will clarify you.

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