BSNL Landline Plans with 24 Hours Unlimited Calls


Find new unlimited calling BSNL landline plans which are more attractive with new updated offers by giving a chance to reduce BSNL landline bill payment amount with new announcements…

BSNL landline unlimited calls offered in all postpaid plans allowed for all the users to change the plan from existing, and the carrier hasn’t advertised more, but the options of new zero rental BSNL Landline Plans are very much attractive.

The operator designs new landline plans of BSNL with unlimited calling to any network in the segment and suits specially for all rural and urban customers in India to avail cheapest monthly rental for their Unlimited voice communication at just Rs 149 per month.

BSNL Landline Plans

The following are the new landline plans introduced on PAN India basis, with or without monthly rental charges as per the subscription, Check the latest and subscribe to the best to avoid your monthly landline bill payments, Let’s check different plans, call charges, rent and applicability.

BSNL Landline Plans

Landline Plan Monthly Rent in Rs Tariff Applicable for
Super Value BSNL CUL 149 Unlimited calls to BSNL N/W and Rs.149 free to other network Rural / Urban
General FMC 199 Rural 199 Unlimited calls on BSNL network and calls of Rs. 199 free talktime to any network Rural
General Plan
(withdrawn for New customers from 12.01.2021)
27924 hours unlimited free calls any network Urban (<30000 lines)
Value All Call 329 24 hours unlimited free calls any network Urban / Metro (>30000 lines)
BSNL Aseem (Virtual Landline) 99 / 199 No Telephone Rent
Rs.99 for call transfer to BSNL N/W for 4months
Rs. 199 for call transfer to other n/w for 4 months
Rural / Urban / Metro

Many think that mobile technology puts an end to Landline services, but our BSNL made it reverse by designing BSNL broadband services and Fiber to the Home over landline services with particular BSNL unlimited landline tariffs.

BSNL Landline plan call charges after free usage

Operator decides the following tariff call charges applicable to all Onnet and OffNet calls, the rates are

  1. Rs.1 per MCU for OnNet and Rs.1.2 per MCU for Off Net Network)
  2. The pulse rate is 120 seconds to any landline in India. It means if you dial any landline network, you have to pay Rs.1 for 2 minutes.
  3. Pulse rate is 60 seconds to the mobile network (other than landline network) of any operator. It means if you dial BSNL Mobile (ten-digit number), it charges at Rs.1 per minute and for another operator, it will cost at Rs.1.2/Minute.

Nowadays Wired and Wireless Internet is crucial to all, For that, BSNL offers Zero Rental (Free) landline services by allowing unlimited calling to any network in prescribed timings, and this Zero rental tariff is applicable for BSNL landline broadband tariffs which are subscribing for combo category.

Latest BSNL Broadband Plans offering unlimited calls with out landline rent

The operator removed the clause of Free call charges after 10.30 PM for Sundays in all landline plans, Means, you can enjoy complete unlimited free calls on Day and Night on every day. So, any of the BSNL landline plan offered even as specific circle plan other than above also treated as BSNL landline unlimited plan.

The balance of power in BSNL landline plans with broadband are increasing with new unlimited calling plans and App based calling with a smartphone using landline free usage, called BSNL Wings, and apart from usage, a Virtual landline ASEEM is a significant hit in the recent days added in the list of BSNL Landline Plans, where thousands of old disconnected customers also booked for this New landline plan.

BSNL Centrex New Tariff

BSNL Centrex is a communication service which is available at centrally in an organization, integrates many landline telephone numbers into a single functional group with many features having free calling at any time in that landline group with out any extra equipment with new tariff at lowest rates.

For Centrex facility, there is no limit for members to join into the same centrex group, and the customers who avail this Centrex facility will be allowed to get free calls as usually according with normal plan along with free calling between the group numbers.

BSNL Landline Centrex Group Calling Plan

Size of Centrex GroupMonthly Plan Charges for Intra CircleMonhtly Charges for Inter CircleMonthly Charges for SDCA
Less than 257515050
More than 259018060
BSNL Centrex Landline Tariff

BSNL FTTH Centrex Facility Tariff

Size of Centrex (ConnectionsFixed Monthly Charges per Connection (Rs.)
Less than 10Rs.50
Greater than 10Waived Off
BSNL FTTH Centrex Tariff

PSU has already offers Rent free incoming connections for BSNL Group on Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services. It is all to Corporate customers/Multistory complex/Housing Societies. This may provide for the use of incoming calls and making calls within group numbers only.

Is there any service to get BSNL landline new connection with new tariffs from my home without going to the office?

The new customers can apply for BSNL landline new connection through SMS or online to enjoy with any of the above landline plans. BSNL offers much affordable, reliable and trustable services in India. So all India Rural and Urban area customers, be a member of BSNL family with the lowest tariff as below.

Can we pay the charges in advance if opted for annual landline plan?

If opted for the annual plans, the fees shall collect from existing customers through the immediate next bill after a request for change of payment option has been received.

Just dig the above info where ever you have a shadow of a doubt, Millions of landline users are now a part of BSNL new subscription to enjoy unlimited free calls, So, old is Gold, and with new BSNL landline plans, the operator is bouncing back the landline service.

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