BSNL Broadband Services Offered to Customers in India


Complete BSNL broadband services offered to customers in india presented here from commission date of service. Check the new lowest charges offer for broadband customers and how BSNL plans named as truly unlimited. Find the free offers and where to complaint in online about DSL/FTTH service for immediate rectification of BSNL internet speed when problem occurs…

The high speed internet access provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is BSNL Broadband services is available in India from 14.01.2015 over DSL technology and later on Fiber to the home (FTTH) which is also called BSNL Fiber to the premises providing up to 100 Mbps download speed and new WiFi through BSNL selfcare.

BSNL Broadband

Recently BSNL expands the fiber to the home network in all India through strategic agreements with various MSO’s in each small town also. Let’s have a look at all the various services including new open WiFi broadband offered by ISP with latest BSNL WiFi broadband plans and how it will helpful for the customers of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in India.

BSNL broadband plans at cheapest price

The first question asked by a customer when he wants to subscribe for any ISP is about their subscription plans and charges of their BSNL circle, so we present this as a first priority by presenting the latest unlimited broadband plans of BSNL under postpaid services for home and business users serving via DSL or FTTH technologies.

BSNL has been launching series of combo broadband plans which includes data plan as well as tariffs especially after the aggressive strategy by the telecom player JIO. Off recently, BSNL has come with broadband plans for the new users, starts with new charges as low as Rs on DSL and goes up to Rs 16999 over optical fibre broadband according to the bandwidth and usage of each unlimited plan.

Along with this, BSNL has also increased the data availability in each unlimited combo plan under its fibernet services. BSNL is also regarded as the most economic broadband service provider with the launch of cheaper plans like 3300GB FUP data for every new and existing connection.

BSNL has been the only state owned telecom player that is not only able to match the plans of Jio but also offer more lucrative unlimited plans in certain cases. The strategy of price change and product offering is followed by the changes made by other telecom players such as JIO, and BSNL has introduced specific circle based ultra speed unlimited internet combo broadband plans for home and business in every circle as per the area’s competition. Have a look at of them.

BSNL Broadband Plans BSNL Fiber Plans
Apply BSNL Broadband Online BSNL Bharat Fiber

BSNL Broadband Complaint

ISP made various procedures to lodge the complaint for BSNL internet services. One can file a complaint for BSNL broadband using the toll free number, online form using email-IDs or using the direct contact address. If a user using BSNL Selfcare portal can file a broadband complaint for new connection or old connection, and also for speed issues, migration of plans from one to other.

BSNL has provided all the portals for complaint such as toll free phone numbers which can be used through mobile of landline. Similarly the user can use internet, web conferencing, email support such as  [email protected]. One can also contact through the corporate office which is located in Delhi. BSNL has provided a proper grievance procedure.

  • Initially the users can file a complaint using the toll free number ‘198’ through the landline.
  • The complaints which are not resolved through this may escalated to the next level by dialing Customer Care of BSNL and SSA/District head.
  • If the customers still not satisfied, they can contact the respective nodal officers which located to in all the big cities.

BSNL Speed Test for Broadband

The test is the important for the subscribed user to validate BSNL broadband speed that promised by the ISP. Most often it happens that the user does not get speed as per operator. BSNL speed test works by downloading a file of specific size from the internet on your system.

The speed test calculates the average time of a user spent by the internet to download the file using BSNL BB service. Various speed test formats are available by showing different speed, but BSNL has an official speed test tool which works by simply clicking on the link for BSNL speed test. You might see some variations in the result that you receive from the BSNL speed test.

BSNL Speed Test tool to test your internet speed

The benefit is in case the person is getting lesser speed than the claimed speed, they can easily contact share a complaint in online with the screenshot of BSNL speed test or offline by intimating the details.

BSNL Broadband Bill Payment

Provides various online websites as per the region to which the person belongs for BSNL broadband bill payment, thus one can view his BSNL bill details on the online website after logging to the specific website or My BSNL App and can also pay the bill as per the offers of that month at the comfort of the home.

To avail the online BSNL broadband bill payment service, the customer should sign up for onetime on the portal/website by providing various details such as mobile number and other personal details.

The person will be able to activate the account through the link sent on the email ID and the registered mobile number and one can check his old bill details also by signing on to the BSNL bill payment portal. After this the user can select the payment option and pay the BSNL postpaid bill online and can also take the e-receipt of the bill paid at any time.

BSNL Broadband Customer Care

The most important for the ISP is providing a good customer care support, and this will help the telecom player in maintaining trust with the BSNL customers and to solve the broadband problems that customers might be facing in a timely manner.

To offer the best BSNL customer care to users, ISP introduced Selfcare services to maintain all their activations and deactivations at customer fingers. For that,you have to create an account with your Customer ID and billing account details.

If registers in this online customer care, there is no need to call BSNL customer care number also, just login to your BSNL account and register your grievance, then check the result at your door step. With this BSNL Selfcare, you can provide various kind of support such as Activation of services, billing, solving any matter/request and also broadband usage.

For any problem with BSNL broadband, user can dial the customer care number at 198, or 1504 or at  1800 345 1504. These are the all India complaint numbers that the customer can dial to get their problems to resolve. In case the broadband problem not solved through the above care numbers, the customer can dial the executive of their area or can register online and track the status of it also.

Check BSNL Broadband Usage

Amongst the other services, the most useful one for a customer is BSNL broadband usage check through SMS or Online or with App. If registers in selfcare portal, the user can have a chance for tracking of BSNL broadband usage for each login in detail using the link provided. If sending SMS or login to My BSNL App means, the user can check only consolidated data usage of that account.

The user can login to the website using his credentials and check the usage by selecting the phone number and the time period for which the user wants to see the usage. The Selfcare services of BSNL helps the user with various options to check online including the broadband usage, and the user can check the minute details related to the data usage and make the amendments in his usage.

How to check BSNL broadband usage in your mobile

The facility helps to increase the flexibility at the user end and gives the power to the netizen in making changes on usage as per their BSNL broadband requirements, and this also helps the user to gain confidence into the billing system by increasing the transparency.

BSNL Broadband Top Up

It often happens that the user finished with the monthly data and then gets the lower speed for the rest of the month. To provide the user with consistent high speeds, BSNL has launched various top up plans to restore the high speed broadband services. When the user finished with the normal data with higher speed, the user will get a prompt to top up his BSNL broadband plan to restore the speed.

To top up the BSNL broadband services, the user can simply login to the website using the link and opt for shown various plans for getting the high speed and get fast browsing. The user can decide the top up plan and can click on upgrade to proceed for broadband top-up. BSNL is using series of plans to keep pace with the competition and the plans provided by other telecom players and ensure satisfaction of users.

Top Up BSNL Broadband ToP Up

Restore High Speed BSNL Internet Services When Downgraded

BSNL Broadband Offers

This is the era of technology and competition, the telecom companies are launching newer offers and providing higher speeds at low and more data plans from time to time which is applicable for broadband services of BSNL also. Especially after the entry of Jio in the telecom, the competition has become very fierce and the PSU has been giving tough competitions to the plan offered by JIO with new offers in broadband services.

Especially after the launch of Jio Giga fiber, BSNL has come with some new broadband data plans with a very high speed and data eligibility to its customer. One plan launched in September included 20GB data to the customer daily for the entire month with a speed of 20mbps at an affordable price at just Rs 491, and also launched Fiber to the home broadband data offers at a monthly plan of Rs 777 and Rs 1277 offering 500GB and 750GB respectively at a download speed of 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Latest Broadband Offers introduced in market

BSNL Broadband Plan Change

BSNL users can change the subscribed broadband plan they are using at the vicinity of their comfort as the process is completely online. One needs to login to the BSNL portal website using the user ID and password. For the first time registration, the user needs to provide the customer ID present on the bill.

The user needs to login to the BSNL Portal (Selfcare) and after logging into the portal, the user will get services option on the right side of the page. This will direct the user to another page where BSNL user will get the option of change and select the broadband plan of their choice.

How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan

So broadband users can upgrade or downgrade their existing subscrition at anytime as and when they required through plan change option available in BSNL Selfcare Portal.


The one of the important point that every netizen of BSNL internet services has to know is DNS server. Now there are different servers in every region to allocate speed of Internet as per subscribed plan of BSNL. So just know your area’s BSNL DNS server IP address and configure in your TCP / IP settings to allocate the exact speed of your internet connection.

Check the Best DNS server for BSNL Internet

Here you will know the maximum BSNL broadband services which are to be useful for a customer, and also we will update some other services soon which are very much useful to customer.

BSNL Broadband Technology (DSL / ADSL / Bharat Fiber)

Here is the different types of technologies to work for BSNL Broadband services, Check technology and find the difference which refers to higher bandwidth internet connection for your home or office over conventional telephone line provides to the customers in all India through Next Generation Network technology exchanges

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, used to report a range of communication services extended over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), where the PSTN uses a pair of copper wires to connect our telephone service to the national telephony network.

DSL broadband technology enables high-speed communications over the same BSNL copper lines by arriving use of frequencies not utilized by voice communications.

ADSL which stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line service and called as a asymmetric because the download and upload speeds are not symmetrical (download is faster than upload).

ADSL2 (ITU G.992.3 and G.992.4) adds new features / functionality targeted at improving performance and interoperability and adds support for new applications and services, and an increase in the distance ADSL can reach from the local telephone exchange, dynamic data rate adaptation, better resistance to noise, diagnostics, and a stand-by mode to save power.

ADSL2 also reduces the initialization time from more than 10 seconds (as is required for ADSL) to less than 3 seconds, and ADSL2 has the same signal footprint as ADSL. ADSL2+ (ITU G.992.5) doubles the bandwidth used for downstream data transmission, effectively doubling the maximum downstream data rates, and achieving rates of 20 Mbps on telephone lines as long at 5,000 feet.

ADSL2+ solutions will interoperate with ADSL and ADSL2, as well as with ADSL2+ and it will include all the feature and performance benefits of ADSL2 while maintaining the capability to interoperate with legacy ADSL equipment.

Bharat Fiber is a new fiber optic revolutionizing communication technology for today’s broadband requirement under FTTH service which uses to transmit the data speed upto Gbps in the form of light wave digital technology, and this also provides BSNL telephone signals and internet communication as like copper waves.

Frequency reach for DSL (ADSL or ADSL2) of telephone service is between 0kHz and 4kHz is used and 20kHz to 2.2MHz for DSL (ADSL or ADSL2) service.

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