BSNL International Roaming for Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile Service


Does BSNL International roaming services will provide on SIM card by default, Is international roaming facility available on BSNL prepaid, if having how can we activate, What are the new plans, Can I receive SMS in abroad without International roaming in SIM card, Where we have to find International roaming countries list, Will International charges differed for each country, how to find them

BSNL provides International roaming services in 476 networks across the world at about 195 countries and the facility is countries list covers every corner of the world, At present BSNL International roaming facility is available for Prepaid and Postpaid mobile customers having the broadest coverage across the globe at cheapest charges with new BSNL International Roaming plans.

International Roaming in Foreign operator’s mobile network requires a genuine, compatible mobile handset working in the frequency of that mobile operator bands used by the fibers in the new country visited and the operator introduces BSNL for voice calling along with data and SMS facility across the world.

International Roaming Charges

The charges are variable depending on the foreign operators, The detailed International roaming charges of various countries and coverage is updated regularly as and when occurs.

All the Voice calls including BSNL International roaming customer care number are chargeable while the customer generates the call from overseas, and the charges are operator dependent and charged for a 60-second pulse and SMS is charged for 160 characters for one outgoing SMS after that it will treats as 2 SMS.

Direct GPRS International Roaming has been launched by BSNL Commercially as on 21.06.2011 with 131 foreign operators in 83 countries. The Charges for GPRS/Data usage will charge concerning the volume of data sent or received, these charges are variable and utterly dependent on foreign operators, the local plans for GPRS/Blackberry which you have selected already are not valid in overseas

BSNL Prepaid International Roaming

BSNL has launched Outbound CAMEL (PrePaid) roaming in the month of October 2017 for the customers of BSNL International roaming in the network of M/s Etisalat, UAE, and Later on, BSNL PrePaid International Roaming for outbound customers of BSNL prepaid recharge plans has also been launched with 20+ more operators namely M/s Omantel (Oman), M/s TMobile (USA), M/s Mobitel(Sri Lanka), M/s Ooredoo (Myanmar), M/s Zain (Saudi Arabia), M/s Etisalat/Mobility (Saudi Arabia), M/s Vodafone (Ukraine), M/s NTT Docomo (Japan), M/s Ncell (Nepal), M/s Ooredoo (Qatar), M/s HKT (Hong Kong), Further, more operators are in pipeline to launch BSNL prepaid international roaming in many countries, So let’s have a look at

How to Activate BSNL Prepaid International Roaming with New Tariff

What to do if BSNL international roaming not working?

In prepaid services, you have to check, whether your recharge subscription is expired or not. If expired, just recharge with International roaming pack for every 30days of international stay, After recharge, your number will activate the said facility automatically, Where in BSNL postpaid mobile services, you have to follow the guidelines and activation procedure mentioned below.

Suggestion: Recharging international roaming pack before the expiry date leads to do not disconnecting the facility and does not take time for activation of the same again during vacation.

How to Activate BSNL International Roaming in Postpaid

  1. An application should submit along with two photos & passport copy for International Roaming to concerned authorities.
  2. He/she will charge Rs. 5000 as security deposit which was refundable and Rs. 99 as monthly rent for international roaming facility in addition to the standard plan charges and usage.
  3. After payment of a deposit, he/she will provide the International Roaming facility on subscribed BSNL postpaid 4G plans as an Addon service.
  4. Before you leave, check that your roaming function activates or not by merely calling BSNL 24 hours customer service helpline 18001801503.
  5. After the arrival into foreign country insert the BSNL International Roaming SIM card in the mobile handset, switch on the handset.
  6. Go to Menu & click on CellOne and select as International.
  7. By selecting this, you will get a message – “Cellone and Partner Network.”
  8. Select the option Cellone then you will get the message “Cellone International Selected.”If not works then, please select the network manually by selecting Setting then Network in your phone).

International Roaming Guidelines

  • The mobile facility would be available for International Roaming option only while you are abroad.
  • While within India, keep this setting to National.(Go to Menu, Select CellOne or BSNL Mobile and then select as National)
  • Roaming in Foreign operator’s mobile network requires a compatible Handset which is capable of working in frequency bands used by the networks in the country visited.
  • Check the Handset compatibility with Network frequency (GSM MHz 850/900/1800/1900) before traveling outside India and make sure that your handset will work in the country you are moving to Japan & Korea support 3G Hand Set, USA & Canada supports 1900 MHz Hand Set.
  • To call back home dial the number with “+91”.
  • Certain GPRS based applications viz. GPS, Facebook, Blackberry messenger or any other instant messaging application etc. continuously consume data bandwidth leading to high Data-Roaming charges even when you are not using the same.
  • This applies to smartphones and high-end GPRS capable handsets which poll (communicate with) the home network continuously.
  • BSNL advises you to take an informed decision to keep these applications switched-on, while you are overseas. For any assistance in the matter, please call our customer helpline.

International Roaming Customer Care

If you encounter any difficulties while roaming abroad, you can book your complaint at or contact BSNL via phone by calling 24 hours customer care at +919434024365. In aim to respond quickly for those customer who have no chance to contact over phone can lodge their grievence through online portal option at in/cutomer_ care.jsp.

  • Login to portal and submit your details like Name, Mobile, Visiting country, contact number, email ID, problem facing at abroad.
  • After submission, concerned nodal officer relates to BSNL International roaming will contact you and solves the problem.

Loss/Theft of SIM card or mobile phone while overseas should be reported to BSNL immediately at 18001801503. In case the theft has not declared all usage immediately till the time of reporting will be payable by the GSM Mobile Customer Only.

BSNL IR Data Roaming Charges

There is no separate plans for BSNL International data usage. All the charges are as per the mobile operator of that country visited.

  • Ex:- If a customer of BSNL mobile visited United States, then he/she will charge as per M/s TMobile (USA) tariff.

The best option for utilizing data and to save your money in the form of data charges is opting for BSNL International WiFi hotspot, There is no extra charges, just subscribing WiFi hotspot pack and use unlimited data Internationally, For calling service, you must have to activate BSNL International roaming and for data International WiFi hotspots is an option.

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