Find BSNL Broadband User Name in Online or Offline


Many of the patrons think about how to know BSNL broadband user id and password, What is the importance of this and how to change broadband password, Can broadband works without ISP username or password, For all queries, hereabouts all in detail.

In real time, every subscriber has to configure their modem or routers with PPPOE username and password to access BSNL broadband services when system/router starts, If a customer sets with bridge mode also can require ISP username and password for BSNL broadband, Let you know that.

BSNL Broadband username
BSNL Broadband username

What is BSNL broadband username and password?

To differentiate every individual or enterprise / corporate customer, and to identify the one quickly, BSNL will create a unique identification as username following with a secret code as a password for secure access.

It is also the only gateway through which a customer can access the internet facility. The user id also assigns with existing landline number, Based on the BSNL broadband user id, particular customer data usage and billing will calculate every month.

Who can create BSNL broadband user name format

The username and the connecting password will create in three steps.

  1. At first, the customer approaches BSNL customer service center or online and submit their application for new broadband connection.
  2. Then Customer Service Center or Commercial Section employee will raise a work order with customer required bb plan and the username contains the following BSNL broadband username and password format
    • <first two letters of subscriber name>+<STDcodewithout 0>+<Phone number>_zone with cdr
  3. BSNL broadband user id example
    • If customer name is Selva Kumar belongs to the south zone having the landline 080222222222, then the user id is se8022222222_scdrid.
    • By default to avoid confusion, BSNL creates the user password as password only.

If any customer requires a change in BSNL broadband user login password, The only answer is “can do online.” If he/she are not getting the details to modify on the website means, the entered BSNL broadband username is invalid or you do not have active broadband in your service.


  • Based on the commercial section work order, concerned Incharge/Junior Telecom Officer of that telephone exchange can create a port MDF (Main Distribution Frame).


  • After that, based on commercial and MDF port, NIB of that zone will create BSNL broadband user id of that port with a logical port of DSLAM.
  • Then the customer of that port counts every bit of data which download and uploads.

On completion of these three steps, the subscriber can access the high speed internet as per Subscribed broadband plan of BSNL.

Sources to obtain BSNL broadband user name for login

There are 3 ways to find the user id. Let’s check them all in detail so that you can choose any of them to obtain.

  1. We can know the BSNL broadband user id from modem on login to ADSL modem with the following process
    1. Open your browser
    2. Type in address bar and hit enter
    3. Enter your username and password (default id and password are admin)
    4. Click or Advanced Setup
    5. Edit PPPoE Protocol
    6. Click Next in ATM PVC Configuration Page
    7. Select Next in Connection Type[PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE)]
    8. Immediately you will find BSNL broadband username and password.
  2. Calling to Broadband customer care or concerned BSNL customer service center.
  3. The simple way is checking the second page of BSNL monthly broadband bill. The user id will be available in all the old and coming invoices from the first month.
  4. Login to Selfcare Portal and Check BSNL Broadband username

How to change BSNL Broadband Login Password Online

With all the above information, we think that you are very much clear now and you will know what is the default BSNL broadband user id and password, and soon we will update, how to change BSNL broadband password online, If any queries on this BSNL broadband username, please post us.

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