BSNL WiFi Broadband Plans Unlimited for Wireless Internet


BSNL WiFi broadband plans are kicking off with strategic alliance between BSNL and Tikona Digital networks and the WiFi broadband alliance provides ultra speed unlimited wireless internet to customers under BSNL broadband services over WiFi with maximum speed.

Tikona Digital networks join the hands with BSNL to provide WiFi broadband to netizens and the idea of offering wireless internet is a new welcoming concept, the both ISP’s jointly ventured in delivering the network products which will be interoperable to provide the maximum speed over WiFi with new tariffs.

The long expected moment on broadband service now comes into action for the provision of Wireless internet services with new speed variations and also, this is not a WiFi internet prepaid service, and it’s straight out for the preparation of WiFi broadband plans via postpaid.

BSNL WiFI Broadband Plans
BSNL WiFI Broadband Plans

You may know about the existing BSNL broadband without a landline, and now you may get the complete info on BSNL Broadband over WiFi, where these tariffs provide broadband maximum speed and were able to scrub through a streaming 4K video on a big-screen WiFi TV without any buffering.

From 01.11.2017, ISP enhances download speed in all BSNL wired broadband plans, now this BSNL WiFi internet plans is an ultra fast wireless internet which is an alternative to traditional wired broadband and future coming internet access.

We present the newly launched BSNL wireless broadband plans for home and business, accordingly you can check the indicated total charges, and BSNL broadband maximum speed (bandwidth) offer as a regular measure on WiFi technology in all zone wise BSNL circles.

BSNL WiFi Broadband Plans

Plan NameMonthly Charges in RsBandwidth (Download Speed)Free Calls
300GB_Fi500Up to 10 Mbps till 300GB, after 2Mbps#
500GB_Fi600Up to 15 Mbps till 500GB, after 2Mbps#
Flat  6 Mbps_Fi750Up to 6 Mbps Flat#
650GB_Fi777Up to 15 Mbps till 650GB, then 2Mbps24 Hrs. unlimited free calling (Local+ STD) to any network within India
850GB_Fi845Up to 20 Mbps till 850GB, after 2Mbps#
Flat 8Mbps_Fi1000Up to 8 Mbps Flat#
1100GB_Fi1051Up to 25 Mbps till 1100 GB, upto 2Mbps beyond#
Flat 10Mbps_ Fi1200Upto 10Mbps Flat#
1400GB_Fi1200Up to 30 Mbps till 1400 GB, then 2Mbps#
1800GB_Fi1491Up to 30 Mbps till 1800 GB, after 5Mbps24 Hrs. unlimited free calling (Local+ STD) to any network within India
2500GB_Fi1991Up  to  30  Mbps  till 2500 GB,  then 10 Mbps#
3500GB_Fi2295Up to 35 Mbps till 3500 GB, then 10 Mbps#
7500GB_Fi6995Up to 50 Mbps till 7500 GB, beyond 20 Mbps#

# Voice can be enabled through existing Add-on Voice Pack

The above BSNL WiFi plans are available as regular plans for all the WiFi service zones as mentioned below with effect from 03.02.2021.

In order to make voice solution as financially viable for existing as well as prospecting BBoWiFi / Bharat Air Fibre customers, voice service is to be offered through SIP platform by installing BSNLs App WINGS without additional cost to customers of revised BBoWiFi plans 650GB-Fi & 1800GB_Fi who are refusing to opt these plans due to high price of IP phone for voice calling, Hence, customer will be given voice service either through the App or regular phone attached through CPE, but not both.

BSNL WiFi Broadband Static IP Deposit

ISP also introduced the following charges for One Static IP address (on request) under all the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited WiFi plans for all the existing and new customers as below.

Broadband Over WiFi Plan (s)Additional Charges per Annum (Rs.)
Broadband over WiFi plans with FMC Rs. 1000 and above but less than Rs. 1500Rs. 2000
WiFi broadband plans with FMC Rs.1500 and above but less than Rs. 2799Rs. 1800

BSNL WiFi Zones India

  1. Zone-1 (AP / Telangana)
  2. Zone-2 (Karnataka)
  3. Zone-3 (Tamilnadu and Chennai TD),
  4. Zone-6 (Gujarat)
  5. Zone-7 (Maharashtra)
  6. Zone-11 (UP West, UP-East, Uttaranchal)
  7. Zone-12 (Haryana)
  8. Zone-13 (Punjab, H.P., J & K)
  9. Zone-14 (Rajasthan)

All we know about the future of internet access is wireless and this new unlimited WiFi plans promises to deliver maximum speed at an astonishing rate and if you have any doubts regarding BSNL WiFi broadband plans and services, you can post here or dial to BSNL broadband customer care number.

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