BSNL M2M APN Setting for PAN India M2M Customers


Getting the M2M SIM from your BSNL network and then get your newly allocated APN for your mobile data is an easy thing now. Having set the BSNL APN with the M2M SIM, will get you open to experience the high-speed internet data even in roaming and Home areas.

From 01.03.2021, BSNL withdrawn of APN “bsnlm2m” for M2M customers in PAN India basis for both existing and new customer, where any existing customer using default APN (i.e. ‘bsnlnet’ or ‘bsnlm2m’) will be migrated unique APN, in a time bound manner.

In general every employee or normal customer does use an automatically configured APN to experience the internet facility and in term there are some origination which has issued the new data APN specially for their selected mobiles to access network through BSNL M2M / iOT plans, and this brings the device into a secured network and as well protects form authorized usages of data.

BSNL M2M APN Setting
BSNL M2M APN Setting

M2M SIM Card

M2M stands for machine to machine SIM card which can send and receive the data from different cellular networks, In the device which has got IoT, M2M SIM can directly transfer data with other devices or any interfaces having the same software.

BSNL New APN for M2M SIM Setting

Here are some separate data APN which are newly created for the BSNL M2M numbers, and these APN are provided by department specifiers which must be configured by employees to get connected through the secure network.

The APN name is by specific employer can be found from the official website of BSNL or you can get the name from the employer, and despite the employer provided, it is mandatory to get the same configure in the APN setting of the device which then enables the device to accept the BSNL M2M SIM service.

The newly provided APN or private APN are the same for the postpaid and prepaid mobile services which are issued by the BSNL with an official agreement of the employer, and in these cases, if the mobile number is allocate by the employer, the employee must configure them to these new APN and should not migrate to another common plan.


Employees who want to enter the secure network of the employer provided by BSNL, must get it linked with the below options, and here are some basic steps that can be followed and will be almost similar for every device to add any new APN in the mobile settings.

  1. Go to the Mobile internet data setting in your device
  2. Option to Data Setting can be found under Settings Page
  3. Now click on configure APN and then tap on it to display
  4. Enter your APN as bsnlm2m provided by selecting new apn
  5. Click on search and tap on results APN to configure


That’s it, once the APN is linked with your M2M SIM Mobile, the configuration will be set, and your device will now be using the specific network line that is configured for the employer by the BSNL.

Types of BSNL M2M SIM

There are some critical aspects such as functionality, network roaming and the form factor based on which the M2M SIM from BSNL has been designed. Have a look at these different M2M SIM and know them in brief.

Full Size: this is the largest M2M SIM which is almost the size of a credit card and in most cases these phased out into smaller phases. These are mostly used for transportation which are mostly required to travel longer distances.

Mini Sim: this is an industry SIM which comes with the standard SIM card size and it is mostly used in devices that are installed in Vehicles, Vending machines, and Payment Points.

Micro SIM: this is an SIM which is half the size of a mini and is mostly preferred to be used in portable devices like the GPS device, Tablets, Health Device and other such.

Nano SIM: the M2M SIM Nano type is typically 40% of the normal micro variation and makes it very comfortable to mini IoT devices. These BSNL M2M SIMs are preferred less due to their little environmental protection.

Embedded SIM: These are also referred as eSIMS which are the smallest for every other BSNL provided M2M SIMs. These are typically sold to the devices which make them reliable and as well withstands for a longer period. These SIMs are typically designed the same and can be installed in any device without getting worried about the complicity.

Features of BSNL M2M SIM IoT

Get these M2M SIMs provided by BSNL as a normal customer even by getting started with reaching BSNL service center, and here are some lists of features that you can view for better knowledge.

Get connected with the strongest signal wherever you go without bothering about any roaming features.

  1. Can comfortably fit into any type of device your using
  2. M2M SIM are fixed with IP address to provide reliable access
  3. BSNL M2M SIM are available with APN security protocols
  4. M2M SIMs are integrated with IPsec VPN network

Where are BSNL M2M SIMs used?

M2M SIMs are now being used to get endless potential and work smarter in industries, and these are mostly used in transportation, healthcare and as well the infrastructure systems.

M2M SIMs are mostly used as the technology transformation has taken place to have a great bandwidth in providing internet facility and as well give an secure connection preventing from malwares.

Do BSNL M2M SIM roaming charges apply for these SIMs?

No, the basic feature of the BSNL provided M2M SIMs is to give a free access point to customers wherever they move, and they relate to a stronger network and will not get any roaming applied or also need to be selected in their device, and it is necessary to set the new APN provided, else the facilities of SIM will not be usable.

Can anyone go and get a BSNL M2M SIM?

Yes, at the first point these M2M SIMs are provided to the employees who are using the employer SIM card for their business purpose, and in the same view, the service is also extended to the normal customers which allow them to experience and wider along with smoothie internet data facility.

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