BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar Digital KYC for New SIM Activation


Activate new SIM card through BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar App allowing Digital KYC without Aadhaar link for all new activations, New eCAF App supports live photograph of a customer with any requirement of POI / POA document known as BSNL digital KYC to complete the BSNL KYC registration and verification as paperless.

Follow the guidelines strictly on issuing the new SIM cards through BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar Mobile App for immediate activation of prepaid / postpaid SIM card or for new BSNL Wings registration.

Recently Aadhaar link eKYC is disabled as per the new instructions introduced by Department of Telecom (DOT) to all the telecom companies as per the judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court Of India. In accordance to that, maintaining paperless transactions in support with digital India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar App Digital KYC for activation of BSNL New SIM cards.

Who can do BSNL KYC Registration

This Sanchar Aadhaar login is available only for BSNL retailers to activate the new SIM cards. So, all the existing retailers who are already using BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar Mobile App for registration and BSNL KYC verification must follow the new eCAF App process for activation of BSNL prepaid recharge SIM or postpaid subscriptions. Hence they are not allowed to do the activations with old process.

BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar Digital KYC
BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar Digital KYC

BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar App Digital KYC Process

Here is the Digital KYC process flow in detail (Step by step process & a live video) exclusively for BSNL Retailer login and CSC’s for BSNL New SIM card activation through BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar App.

  1. Customer walks up to retailer and desires to take BSNL mobile connection.
  2. Retailer opens BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar mobile app and authenticate himself with OTP.
  3. Latitude/Longitude, Date time of authentication to be captured.
  4. Customer is required to provide an alternative mobile number and the same is authenticated with OTP.
  5. Once successful, Retailer selects new connection (Pre-Paid/Post Paid) with Local or Outstation.
  6. Fills up the required details in the eFORM i.e. Digital KYC eCAF App.
  7. Preference should be given to capture data from QR code as much as possible else it should prompt from manual data.
  8. BSNL KYC eCAF template field should be used for this EFORM purpose.
  9. Takes photograph of (POI, POA, Capture customer Face) using mobile phone camera.
  10. App captures LAT/LONG, Date & Time of CAF Entry and Customer.
  11. Photograph also should have Lat-long details (Uploading already available photographs is prohibited).
  12. Checks for G9 /G6 connection count on the fly.

On completion of these above steps, BSNL Retailer activation part is completed and the same application sent to Customer Service Center user login for approval of the same.

BSNL CSC Digital KYC activation through Sanchaar Aadhaar Application

  • CSC officer logs in to BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar desktop web application (thin) or mobile app and approves  /rejects the Digital KYC CAF using his Sanchar Aadhaar login user ID and Password.
    • BSNL staff opens the CAF Number button to open the customer record and checks the CAF data and POI, POA submitted by Customer and compares the customer photograph with POI photograph.
    • If BSNL CSC office is satisfied, he will approve the record and it will be sent to Sancharsoft for Activation. If CSC officer rejects the CAF (Due to Wrong POI/POA/Customer Photograph etc..) by mentioning the rejection reasons.
    • BSNL CSC officer can also edit CAF data if minor errors found during data entry and submit the CAF for activation. BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar digital KYC CAFs with wrong POI, POA, unclear Customer Photographs shall be rejected out rightly to meet TERM cell audit compliance.
  • If uploaded data is approved, then the same customer data is sent to billing for activation through BSNL Sancharsoft.
  • After Successful activation, BSNL CAF PDFs is generated and sent to CCMS.
  • Application for storage along with POI, POA and Customer Photograph JPG images till the time DOT gives clear instructions on retention policy.
  • EV details, PC MAC ID, Date and Time stamp, User ID, Employee HRMS will be captured and embedded on PDF for future record purpose.

Can Customer view the uploaded documents in BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar

Yes, after activation of BSNL new SIM card through BSNL Sanchar Aaadhaar Mobile App, Customer will be provided a link to download CAF PDF through SMS invitation also. He/she may download the CAF using that link and also can check BSNL KYC status.

BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar APK?

Any retailer can download Uniserve Sanchar Aadhaar Mobile App APK for Digital KYC based customer onboarding by downloading the APK from official link for installation of Sanchaar Aadhaar.

After installation of BSNL Sanchaar Aadhaar APK in retailer mobile, one can logging in to app by using the existing CTOPUP Number as username and OTP based authentication for activation of BSNL SIM card with above process or below video.

If any queries, please contact at BSNL customer care number or post through comments. Now, it’s the turn of all selling agents of Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited to download BSNL retailer app from Google playstore or by using BSNL Sanchar Aadhaar APK to process the paperless KYC.

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