Instagram Insights to Activate and Develop Profile


Instagram Insights shows you engagement analytics that help you improve your Instagram strategy for business advertising.

You will no longer have to think about what works for your audience, because Instagram Insights will tell you the way.

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Hence you will have a chance to get more and more likes. Beside getting more followers and thereby increasing your profile exponentially.

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In this post, we will now learn all about Instagram Insights (also known as Instagram Analytics) and how to use it to develop your Instagram profile.

  1. Open your profile on your Instagram.
  2. Access the setting page.
  3. Click on the Account.
  4. Press on ‘professional Account’
  5. Select your category and press Done.
  6. Optional : Switch on to a Business Account.
  7. Optional : Connect to the your Facebook Page.
Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

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