Twitter Card Validator and Different Type of Cards with Use


Twitter Card Validator is live with more options. Find different types of twitter card with each of the use and find how to use twitter card validator in realtime…

In today’s technology, many times it comes to breaking the sentence into number of tweets as there are limitations over them from Twitter. Thus to have a long sentence posted to grab the attention of a follower, you might need a Twitter Card which doesn’t break the sentence without applying the character limit.

Twitter Card Validator

Twitter Card validator obviously used in Twitter and to know more about the validator. It is merely important to understand about the Twitter Card. In this article, we will come up with details of Twitter Card and Twitter Card validator and different type of cards available to make you understand better along with its usage.

Twitter Card

Twitter Card goes gives a link between your tweets by adding designed structured look and attracting more audience. In simple terms, the code must add to webpage and when someone shares your tweets link will display as Twitter Card. The URL which is in the link may linked with the Twitter Card. When someone clicks on it, the particular selected Twitter Card will be displayed with the entire tweet structure.

Twitter Summary Card

In the Summary card the details of your webpage include thumbnail, title, description and URL of page may fully displayed. If you want to show the ecommerce products, new articles, blogs and reviews, Twitter Summary Cards are one of the best one to use.

Twitter Summary Card with Large Image

This Twitter Card does have similar options such as Summary card but it does include large images. There are brands which do require visual elements to deploy to their audience. Having use of Twitter Summary card with large images will fill your tweet with selected image.

Twitter App Card

Twitter does allow you to put the install button of your Application in their tweets. This may attracts the audience and directly allows them to go to the install page. This Twitter Card App will allow you to promote your App, but showing the Name, Icon, Depiction, and Price along with Rating.

Twitter Player Card

In marketing and audience attraction, Video does always play an important and vital role. The Twitter Player card does support the audio and video media types writing bringing in live experience on twitter page. The video or audio that linked with the link may automatically pulled by Player card on the timeline of audience.

Once you select a Twitter Card from the list of options from twitter then the time to check if that works fine and how exactly going to display to your viewers. Here is the process by which you can start to use the Twitter Card validator.

Twitter Card
Twitter Card

How to Use Twitter Card Validator

  1. Visit the Twitter page and login with your Credentials
  2. Now go to Twitter Card validator web page from the menu options
  3. Paste your URL which created with selected Twitter Card
  4. Now click on Preview Card button and wait for card to preview


These options will display the Twitter Card details and let you find how your Twitter Card does look like with the details you have added. In case, if any error same displayed on screen which you have to consider and change the Meta tags form the Twitter Card.

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