Godaddy Auction to Grab Premium Domain Name


Want to buy a good domain for your website, blogs or many more, then GoDaddy is your perfect place. Just check How to participate in GoDaddy Auction and How to Buy a Domain in it followed by common GoDaddy Marketplace policies…

Think about Domains? then the first one to popup in your mind would be GoDaddy right? Well that is how big GoDaddy as a domain name service provider has become, reaching out to millions of customers and providing an option to select an online identity for their websites, blogs, forums and a lot more.

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GoDaddy Auction

But today we will be discussing GoDaddy Auction which is their domain name auction platform for GoDaddy users with domains on their platform. In case of domains on other platforms, they can be transferred easily with their help guides.

In simple ways of understanding, GoDaddy Auctions is a marketplace where Seller and Buyer can come together to buy their selected domains. Sellers can easily list their domains on the market place for their selected amount as base while buyers can bid on the domain and the highest bid before the end of the auction wins the domain.

Godaddy Auction
Godaddy Auction

GoDaddy Auction account

Seems simple enough? Well it might not be for beginners who are just registering a GoDaddy Auction account to either sell or buy domains. In this article, we will guide you on the complete process which involves registering and learning more about this platform so that you can excel as a seller or buyer or both as well. Let’s get started.

How to Sell Domains on GoDaddy

If you want to sell your domains on GoDaddy then this might be the right guide for you because we tune into the steps required to create your seller account and list your first domain as well.

Before you continue, please note that GoDaddy auctions seller account is a premium account and it costs Rs. 412.40/year for subscription.

Create GoDaddy Auctions Seller Account

To participate in GoDaddy Auction, you have to create a seller Account. To do this just follow below simple steps.

  1. Go to GoDaddy Auctions with this link
  2. Then click on List a Domain which will redirect you to the subscription registration page
  3. Tap on Add to Cart once you select the subscription and click on I’m Ready to Pay button
  4. Next simply make the payment for the amount listed for the GoDaddy Auctions seller account
  5. Once payment is made, you will receive confirmation email and you can head back to the first link, but this time click on login to access your account

List Domain on GoDaddy Auctions Marketplace as Seller

  1. Once you are logged in, click on List a Domain option and this will redirect you to the listing page
  2. Select the domain and then you have to select the type of listing you want to list for the domain
  3. You need to add the offer, buy now price, BIN and 7 days public auction amount
  4. Select the optional settings as per your preference and then select the payment method to receive the payment
  5. Once done agree to the terms by checking the checkbox and then select and click on Finish button

How to Buy Domains on GoDaddy

If you want to buy a domain from GoDaddy, then you need not worry anymore because with the below guide it will make your work easier to understand more about the GoDaddy Auctions buyer account and how to use it as well for buying a domain from the GoDaddy Auctions Marketplace.

Before you continue, please note that GoDaddy auctions buyer account is a premium account and it costs Rs. 412.40/year for subscription. Follow the process from the seller to buy your account as it is the same for both.

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Auctions MarketPlace
  2. Select the domain you like and you can either bid on the amount
  3. Or else you can Buy Now for the amount as per your preference
  4. Once you click on Buy Now it will get added to your cart and you can make the payment
  5. In case of Bid submission, if your bid is the highest then the domain will be transferred to your account once the payment is made

Common GoDaddy Marketplace Policies

These policies below are something that you should be aware of while working on the GoDaddy auction platform.

  1. GoDaddy allows you to auction your domain on different websites based on the selected auction type
  2. Domain approval is required by GoDaddy before it is listed on the marketplace. This sometimes can get delayed if there are any trademark, ownership or expiration issues
  3. Auction listing time can’t extend once you have received bids on it
  4. Once domain is listed and bids received, it cannot be canceled

How does auction works in GoDaddy?

GoDaddy Auctions works as a marketplace where sellers can list their domains and buyers can bid or buy now these domains based on the listing type.

How much GoDaddy auction costs?

GoDaddy Auctions subscription cost is Rs. 412.40 per year for both sellers and buyers.

How do I auction my website on GoDaddy?

Once you pay for your GoDaddy Auctions subscription you can click on List a Domain and follow our steps above to be able to auction on GoDaddy and it can only be Domains. But you can also select under optional settings if it will include website or other details as well.

What is best domain auction site?

GoDaddy Auctions is one of the best domain auction sites as it is trusted by all GoDaddy customers and moreover their platform is very easy to use and understand for everyone who wants to list a domain as seller or buy a domain as buyer.

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